Big Businesses Still Haven’t Learned How To Use Their Websites Effecitively


If you look at most business websites online, they have a number of mistakes that will be fatal to potential profit margins. A business site is a highly valuable marketing tool. But, only if it is used correctly. It’s like any tool if used in the wrong way it just becomes a blunt instrument. You can try bashing people over the head with it but they are most likely simply going to ignore you or walk away. In the case of a website, they will find a competitor that actually knows how the internet works. We are sure you are wondering what on earth we are talking about. Well don’t worry, we’ve laid out the three big mistakes business owners make when building their websites.

They Don’t Host It

When most owners set up a website, they tend just to get a domain name free. Then they set up the site and think no more about the fact that they haven’t actually purchased anything at all. They are just using a free space provided by another company and who knows whether that company can be trusted. If their servers go down, your website will as well and that is why when setting up a website, you should always host it. It is quite complicated to host a website but it is the best option because then you own a section of the web, not just a domain name. You have a place where you can store web files and generally set up shop. There are plenty of affordable web hosting possibilities available online. A business owner should choose that one that matches their budget.

They Don’t Bother With Design

Business owners often twiddle their thumbs watching as users click on and off their site without wondering why. Well, we’ll tell you why. It’s because most business sites look and feel bland and boring. They don’t have any pictures apart from free stock photos the owner found online. There are no videos to make the site look and feel dynamic. It all looks very slapped together and it is no wonder that users are simply not interested in sticking around. What we don’t understand is why this is the case when web design has become a huge industry that caters to every business imaginable. You can get your website designed in a way that matches your industry and business goals perfectly. It might be about saving money but if they had a well-designed web page, a company could easily make the money they paid back in profit.

They Over Simplify SEO

What does SEO mean to you? To us, it is a highly complex method of ensuring that your site or blog is found online. It does not mean sticking the occasional keyword in a five hundred word article because that simply won’t do. It also does not mean, putting hundreds of links all over the place because that is the fastest way of receiving a Google Penalty. A Google penalty will make your search engine ranking drop through the floor, never to be seen by users again. The right way to use SEO is to utilize all the methods available and if you need it, get some extra help.

It’s amazing that new business owners still don’t have these concepts grasped. They must not realise they are losing fortunes in profit!

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