The Best Tech Accessories To Improve Your Online Gameplay


With gaming such a big industry, you’re likely to be forever looking for ways to improve your gaming experiences and thankfully, because it is such a big industry, there a ton of peripherals out there to enhance your gaming. 


Any gamer who regularly plays competitive multiplayer games should own a high quality gaming headset. Such an accessory is great for when you are trying to communicate with a teammate and hear their commands, low-quality mics and below par sound bars just aren’t suitable for such situations.

As the majority of games are so expensive and technically impressive, they can end up taking quite a lot of storage. Opening up your Xbox One, PS4 or PC to replace its internal storage is not something you want to be doing. Thankfully, all devices support external hard drives so invest in one. For a little price, they will double the amount of storage available to you and you can have access to more than of them at any one time.


With gaming consoles come controllers and with controllers come rubber grips. However, if you game a lot, those rubber grips aren’t going to last very long. In fact, we give them a little over a year, however rather than splashing out on new controllers or scuffing your thumbs on frayed plastic, invest in analogue stick covers. These will set you back no more than a few pound and work like a charm for any controller.

In further regards to controllers, whilst playing video games solo is fun and can be very relaxing, if you have friends round, you’re going to need more than one controller. With this, it’s best to own more than one and even if you don’t play local multiplayer games all that often, you can sync your controller to your computer and use it for playing PC games that way. Best of both worlds!


The smartphone is an instantly accessible gaming portal allowing you to game from anywhere and everywhere whenever you wish. Whilst the likes of online poker sites and Candy Crush don’t really require any gaming accessories as such, your device still does. How frustrating is it when your device dies from too much gaming? And it’s even more frustrating when you’re out and about and can’t access a charging port.

If you do like to game on long trips or when you’re just about doing your daily basis, you don’t want to be playing at the online casino over cautiously for fear of your device dying hence, it makes sense to purchase a battery pack. Simply charge the pack before you head out of the house and should your phone die, hook it up to the power pack and your device will be charging again in no time, the majority of packs also hold enough power for three to four charges.

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