How To Be A Gardening Geek: Tech Toys For Gardeners


If you are a techy guy, you will naturally be interested in gadgets and toys. What about if your a techy guy that’s interested in gardening? Rare, I know, but these people do exist! Think about it, if you were into computers and the internet when it first blossomed into everyone’s world, you could be getting on a bit now (no offence). So now you may have other interests… like golf, fishing, or gardening. Naturally, as a techie you will be crossing over your interests of gadgets and technology to your new found hobbies. Let’s look at some of the technology available to gardeners…

Hose End Timer

On Amazon, there is an hose timer which is great for some watering automation for your garden. It has a really easy dial for function control. A large LCD screen with weatherproof construction is great for knowing which setting is currently on. There’s a useful rain delay function, and a manual intervention option if you want to go ‘old school’. It comes with a 1 year warranty and is a perfect start for your new technological garden experience!

Plant Smart by Black & Decker

Black & Decker have a great device called PlantSmart, which you simply place in the garden. It will measure sunlight, temperature, soil nutrients and moisture over a period of time. After which you can plug into your computer and it will give you a full analysis of that specific location in the garden. This data can then be used to find out which plants will be best placed there. This leaves no guessing when wondering why some plants wont grow and others will in specific locations in the garden.

Solar Powered Water Pump

So you’ve got all your luxury Rattan garden furniture from EW or your local garden center and placed them nicely by your pond. What’s missing? You need a little bit of a feature… how about a fountain pump? Hearing those trickling water sounds would be great for those evening sat outside in the garden, relaxing, maybe with a bottle of wine while your browsing on your iPad (this guide is for geeks remember?). Being a techy you won’t want just any waterpump. This one on Amazon is really cheap and is solar powered! Yeah get that, solar powered water pump for under £20. Add that one to your basket, and now you’re well on the way to gardening technology haven!

The Power Rake

When the Autumn comes you’ll need to get rid of all those pesky leaves all over your pristine lawn. Being the gardening geek you are (or wish to be) you’ll need something a little more clever than a normal rake. We have the perfect solution for you! A Power Rake. This has been designed by Yanko Designs. It incorporates a conveyor belt system that moves the leaves you’ve raked into a waste bag (attached). It is not powered by gas or electricity, but you can attach an optional electric blower to speed up the process!

There are many more gardening gadgets I could have included in this guide, but I may save it for a part 2. Stay tuned to TechExclusive.

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