How To Design The Perfect Bedroom For A Gamer


Being a gamer is about so much more than skill. If you play video games yourself, or you know someone who does, then you know that environment and surroundings simply can’t be underestimated. From a gaming shed to a gaming bedroom, gaming in a dingy, depersonalised room just isn’t much fun, and it might detract from chasing that high score or finally beating that impossible boss. Whether your kids are gamers or you indulge in a spot of Minecraft yourself, here are some tips you’ll find invaluable when designing a bedroom for a gamer.


Create a theme 

Nothing gets people more in the mood for gaming than a solid, consistent theme in their surroundings. Anyone who’s ever been to an e-sports cafe or gaming hub can attest to this; being surrounded by gaming paraphernalia and art is inspiring, and when your consoles are off, it gives the room a personalised touch. You should consider everything from art on the walls to themed wardrobe doors, because nothing’s off-limits when it comes to building a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing room for your kids (or yourself!).

Lighting is key 

A gamer’s bedroom without dimmer switches simply isn’t a gamer’s bedroom. Different video games demand different lighting situations; playing a horror game like Resident Evil or Bloodborne won’t be the same in bright, harsh lighting, so different brightness settings can really help enhance the ambience of these games. Likewise, if you’re playing a multiplayer game with friends, you’ll want lighting that helps your eyes adjust to lengthy sessions in front of the monitor or TV. Dimmer switches, coloured bulbs and even smart home lighting can all assist in this goal, so they’re all worth considering.

Build a home for your cables 

One thing many people neglect when considering a gaming room is cable management. We all have ideas in our head of how the perfect home entertainment setup looks, but we never factor in all the cables that go towards making that dream a reality. There’s visual cables to connect your TV to your consoles, power cables to supply electricity, audio cables to connect your sound system to your display…with all of these wires cluttering the place up, you’ll want a good cable management system. Don’t scrimp on this; instead of simply using cable ties, set cables under carpets, or build them into the wall if it’s safe and if you want them to be part of the visual appeal of the room.


Make sure it’s close to the Wi-Fi 

Any gamer can vouch for this: there’s nothing worse than being halfway through a game of Overwatch or Call of Duty when the Internet suddenly cuts out, destroying any chance of victory. It’s absolutely crucial that a gamer’s bedroom be near the Internet, whatever form that might take in your house. Ideally, you’d want an Ethernet cable to connect video game sources directly to your router, but that might not be possible. If it’s not, then make sure the Wi-Fi router is within a very, very short distance of the room, or that a Wi-Fi extender is purchased and placed somewhere nearby. If you don’t, then expect frequent shouts of “oh, come on!” from the bedroom when sessions suddenly disconnect.

These are just a few tips for enhancing a gamer’s experience by building the perfect bedroom. There’s plenty more you can do to make sure the gamer in your life has the best experience they possibly can, but we hope this has sparked some inspiration!

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