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Home security is on our minds all the time. Home is supposed to be the safest place in the world; when someone intrudes, it can feel like an astonishing violation, something that makes you uncomfortable in your home for a long, long time. So keeping it as safe as possible is absolutely crucial.

Thankfully, we’re in quite an amazing age of technology! And technological advances that aid greatly in home security are all over the place. We’re going to go through some of the best high-tech ways you can protect your home from potential criminals.

Smart locks

Your traditional lock-and-key combination may not be enough these days! Thankfully, you can take it a step further. You can get locks that won’t release unless authorized people use the door handle – it uses fingerprints to judge! You can also get other smart locks that can interact with your mobile devices, allowing you to track who goes in and out and at what time. (They also allow you to lock your door remotely, just in case you forgot!)




Monitoring devices

CCTV doesn’t feel very 2017, does it? While it makes for an amazing security system, surely there’s something more you can do? These days, monitoring systems can be much more advanced, accessible, and comprehensive. This is because you can get footage in high-definition from increasingly small devices. You can also get that footage streamed directly to your smartphone or tablet devices. You can find out more on Spy Centre’s website.

Portable peephole

Peepholes are great, and every home should have them. But if someone is a bit nervous about who’s at the door, they may not even want to approach the peephole to have a look. What if they make a noise as they approach? What if the person on the other side can tell by shadow and movement that someone is at the peephole? Thankfully, you can now get your peephole fitted with a camera that you can access via your smartphone.



Remote door answering

When you’re not at home, it’s often to you advantage that people think you’re at home. When a would-be burglar wants to see if someone is at home, they may actually ring the doorbell. (This is actually common practice, contrary to popular belief.) But you can get your doorbell fitted with a camera, speaker, and microphone. When someone rings the bell – yep, you guessed it! – your phone gets a call, so you can “answer the door” remotely! This can also come in very handy if you need a package delivered but won’t be in.

Internet security

Someone breaking through your Internet security certainly doesn’t sound as scary as someone literally breaking and entering. Still, you have to remember just how much data a hacker could access if they get into your network. Credit card details, medical records, passwords, addresses, images – theft can occur even in the abstract world of data! In fact, you could find all your security measures compromised in this way. If you want to strengthen your home security, then you should strengthen your home Internet security.


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