Make Sure You’re Not Waiting A Lifetime To Launch That App


So, you have an app that you know is going to hit the right niche in the right market or provide the extra your business needs. That’s all well and good, but an idea isn’t enough. You need to implement it and get it out there. If you take too long, a project can grow too costly or it can end up being too late to have the impact it should. Don’t go over the budget and don’t get overshadowed by someone bringing out your app before you.

Have a plan

The right approach to starting development is crucial. Each step, all expected timeframes, and process progress maps are essential. That way, you can identify how team members are affected by the work of their colleagues. You can identify bottlenecks in progress and see if there are any ways around them. If there aren’t, you can redistribute labor so those bottlenecks are reached first and dealt with earlier. Plans keep goals clean and simple, from the overall solution the app should provide to what state the team needs to reach before it can move onto the next step. Without a plan, you will end up with a lot of people facing halts in their progress and unnecessary periods of waiting for the next step to open.

Make bug testing smart

Anyone who has done even a smidgen of testing for bugs knows just how infuriating it can be. One stray line of code can result in whole days spent hunting for the right solution. If these bugs become too common, it can halt progress to an unacceptable degree. You can not only improve your app but improve your method of tracking and managing any issues with the software. The right Jira testing software helps you run and view all the stats in real time and tracks bugs alongside other issues on one manageable screen. By keeping an eye on all problems, past and present, you can test and fix without any forgotten issues popping up to slow you down even more.

Keep communication clear

Your plan should provide the basis of the direction all communication works toward. Along with objectives, you need clear methods to discuss any bugs and issues that arise. One of the best uses of tech in business is streamlining communication. For instance, consider using project management software so that everyone on the team can track progress all at once and, at a glance, identify what might be holding up development. Consider getting everyone on an alert and note system, too. Any errors requiring a solution can be sent to all the team at once. With different priority codes, you can make sure those notes can be safely ignored by those who don’t need to read them while ensuring they are made a priority for those who should be helping.

The right approach and the right software is going to make it a lot easier to get your app on the market while it can still offer the greatest return on investment. Keep communication smooth, keep objectives clear, and keep the bugs as harmless as they can be.

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