Monitoring Smartphone Activities via Hoverwatch


Concerned about who your child is talking to on their cell phone? Well now you no longer have to be with the fee cell phone spy app from Hoverwatch. It isn’t just for smartphones, you can also monitor Windows PC and Mac computer activities too from the one Hoverwatch account. Once you download and install the app you can start monitoring all your devices and help to keep your child safe online. Compatible with android smartphones the app isn’t just for kids, you can also use it to monitor employee productivity by collecting data.

If your kids are keen users of social media or instant messenger apps such as WhatsApp, then it can be hard to keep track of who they are actually chatting to. Not everyone online has the best intentions or are honest about who they really are. It can be quite fraught for parents who want to give their children space and a little independence but also still wants to make sure they remain safe online. That is where Hoverwatch can help!

If you want to spy on child phone activities without them actually knowing they are being monitored, then Hoverwatch can do just that, this is because you can track phone and pc in one Hoverwatch account. The user of the device being monitored will not know that the spy app is there. This allows them to retain the illusion of independence, enables you to monitor their calls, texts and images being sent, and once you know they are safe from online harm, you will have peace of mind.


Another excellent feature of the Hoverwatch tracking app is the GPS locator. The geolocation software allows you to keep track of where the handset is, so if your child has lost the phone you can find it easily, if the phone is stolen you can report its location to the authorities, and if your child is late home after curfew, or just not where they are supposed to be, you can track them to make sure they are safe.

You can keep a record of call logs both made and received, including the length of conversation and the contact details. You can also monitor who is unlocking the handset as the software uses the front facing camera to capture and image every time the phone is in use. If someone else is using your child’s phone you will have photographic proof.

In short, the Hoverwatch tracking app is a great feature that can help to keep your children safe. You can have up to 5 different devices on one account, which in a family home where there is likely to be more than one smartphone, computer or tablet, it means you are able to look after your whole family at one time. There does not appear to be any negatives to the app, it is even really energy efficient so it won’t run down your child’s smartphone battery too fast. Completely free and easy to use, there is nothing to lose by downloading it, and everything to gain by keeping your kids safe.

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