New trends in the casino affiliate industry


Online casinos are big business, even though land-based gambling still is much bigger. But a key difference is that, while online casinos and online gambling is still growing at a quite rapid pace, the same can’t be said for land-based casinos and gambling. There’s no indication that the online casino market will shrink, or even stop growing – quite the opposite in fact. If you operate a good online casino, chances are you’ll have years of steady growth ahead of you. But it’s not just casino operators that benefit from the growing online gambling market – so are the various casino affiliates.

A changing market for casino affiliates

As the online casino market grows, we can see some new trends in the affiliate market. Currently, smaller affiliate networks are being bought up at an increasing rate. According to Peter at, this trend is very clear, and it’s not just casino affiliates that are buying each other – casino operators, too, are in on the action.

It’s easy to understand why this is happening. As the revenue increases for casino affiliates, so does the competition. Running a small network of affiliate sites is considerably harder now than it was ten or even five years ago. To be able to compete for the necessary clicks, you need size, and building a good affiliate network is hard work. What we’re likely to see in the future are fewer, but bigger, affiliate networks, making it harder for new actors to break into the affiliate industry.

In a way, this shows that the casino affiliate industry is maturing, getting more serious. As revenue rises, so does the cost of entry, and to succeed you need to put in the necessary work – hard work that might take some time before it pays off. Acquiring an existing affiliate network cuts down on both time and effort, making joining the affiliate industry both easier and quicker.

Affiliate networks also used to be fairly local, focusing on just a few countries, but these acquisitions are changing that too. There’s only so many affiliate networks online gambling can support. At some point, you have to expand beyond Ireland, Sweden or whatever country your network is based in; either by acquiring foreign networks, or be acquired yourself.

This trend of acquisitions doesn’t look like it’s going to end any time soon, meaning the future of the casino affiliate industry looks interesting indeed.

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