Renewable Energy Shifts Can Make Earth Greener And Cleaner


Burning of fossil fuels like coal and mineral oils increases the carbon emissions in the environment. Besides, these resources do not replete as fast as they deplete, which is another alarming cause for concern. While on one hand, these resources pollute the environment, on the other, they are available in limited quantities.

That being said, boycotting these resources is also not an option. For obvious reasons, the world population is energy peckish at the moment, and of course, there are millions who directly depend on these resources for their bread and butter.

For about half a century now, researchers and environmentalists are making strides towards greener and cleaner alternatives to these fossil fuels. In the attempt, some of the innovations and technologies have already found their way into the mainstream energy options; providing employment and meeting the energy demands to a large extent.


Although recent years have witnessed a huge demand for electric vehicles almost suddenly, the core technology is not new. In fact, the history of electric vehicles dates back to nearly two centuries. An English physicist, however, created the first practical model of electric cars as late as the end of the 19th century. The early ideas of electric cars still fuel the current models that are available in the market. The only reason these vehicles were replaced before was the shorter range with a not-so-high top speed. On the contrary, electrified motor technologies are improving day by day and more efficient motors are now being used in electric vehicles with longer range and higher top speeds. That being said, the best thing about the growing demand for these vehicles is that it has opened up a new market dimension for employment and business. Whether a hybrid or completely electric, these vehicles drastically reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere and are the greenest possible ways to commute.


Even The Streetlights are Now Solar Powered

According to some experts, a usual streetlight that uses sodium vapor lamps consume about 50 watts per hour of energy. This is a huge amount of energy needed for as long as 10 hours during winters. However, smart innovations are now replacing ordinary street lights with solar-powered ones. Notably, the lamp posts are mounted with solar panels and a battery to power a led street light, making the whole unit completely self-sufficient. Notably, these setups no longer require to be plugged into the grid and can also be configured to automatically switch on or off, save power during daylight hours, and so forth. Installing solar-powered street lights are not only making the streets safer at night but also saving a lot of energy along with eliminating so many pollutants. Incredible! Isn’t it?


Complete Townships are Being Taken Off-Grid

Government agencies and power companies are also promoting installing solar panels on a personal level. There are two reasons for this move. One, households and constructions with surplus power can give power back to the grid; and second, this helps reduce excessive loading on the grid. In fact, recent years have witnessed a lot of townships becoming completely off-grid by installing renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines. The most stunning example of this shift is the 630 kW Solar Ark facility in Japan. The structure powers the entire region and also Sanyo’s semiconductor manufacturing facility. Notably, the structure is a benchmark for sustainable future development where energy needs and environmental concerns could walk hand in hand.


Let’s See What the Future Holds

It needs no saying that the global concern for environmental pollution and deteriorating quality of natural resources such as air, water, and land require the firm implementation of alternative energy forms. Notably, not all of the activities that concern fossil fuels can be ruled out overnight. Doing so might lead to chaos and huge economic imbalance, globally. But at the same time, making little but gradual progress could help workers working in the fossil fuel industry find alternative employment opportunities. And also would help companies and governments avoid economic crunch all of a sudden.

As already mentioned, several government agencies are already making huge progress in this direction. There are subsidies being offered on the installation of any such renewable energy source be it a solar panel or simply a LED bulb. In fact, these little progressions are the real change that is transforming the world slowly, but steadily. So, next time when you go out buying a replacement light for home or office, make sure you add to the cause and make this earth a better place for everyone.

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