Simple Things That Could Be Damaging Your Smartphone


Smartphones have become something that many of us will not leave home without. They keep us in constant contact with friends and family whether it’s through phone calls or instant messaging. We use them to take photos of the world around us and to store valuable data. They also provide us with a wealth of information and entertainment too. But despite how dependent we are on them, many of us are not looking after our phones as well as we should be. There are many things you could be doing that will cause damage to your phone. Here are just a few examples you should try to avoid.


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Being careless with your charger

Your phone’s charger should be seen as a vital piece of equipment as it helps keep your smartphone up and running. Yet many people are careless when removing and inserting the charger cable into their phones. Pulling the cable too viciously will cause the connection to loosen over time, making it harder to charge your phone. Pushing the cable too firmly or positioning it the incorrect way round can also cause serious damage to the USB port. Again, leaving you unable to charge the battery. This can be a costly repair but often a complete replacement is the only option.

Storing it in your back pocket

While the back pocket of your jeans might seem like a smart place to keep your phone, this isn’t always the case. Not only does it make it an easy target for thieves but it also increases the risk of it becoming damaged. You could sit on it awkwardly which could smash the screen or potentially break the phone into two. Your pockets may not be the right size to accommodate the size of your phone sufficiently. If you get up too quickly or brush past a table, it could cause the phone to fall onto the fall. This could smash the screen and make your phone as useful as a house brick. While most cell phone repair stores can repair smashed screens, it can be expensive and time-consuming depending on the damage.


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Getting your phone wet

Water still remains one of the biggest causes of damage to smartphones. Whether you drop it in the sink or pour a glass of water over it, even the smallest bit of exposure can cause a malfunction. Even leaving it out in the rain or using it with wet hands can cause damage. Getting water in your phone can stop it from working at all and could result in you losing it’s valuable contents. Water damage does vary in severity, and it is sometimes possible to repair it at home by placing it in a bowl of rice. But extensive water damage and moisture can often lead to a full replacement or pricey repair work.

There is nothing more annoying or inconvenient than a broken smartphone. But altering your habits and avoiding these things will help your device last longer and preserve its data. So stop treating your phone like a toy and start giving it the care and respect it deserves.


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