Technology has Revolutionised The Business Industry


Over the years, technology has shaped and perhaps improved every aspect of our lives. Take gaming as an example. For the last two E3 conferences, both Sony and Microsoft have put a focus playing games online rather than with someone in the same room. They displayed how you could connect with someone through gaming across the world, not your next door neighbour. That is just one small example of how tech has changed the game. If you want a bigger one, look at the way businesses are run these days. Technology has changed almost every aspect of how business works, for better or worse.


In the past, the main focus of marketing used to be on television and radio. But now, more and more businesses are switching to marketing their company online. Often, people state that physical forms of marketing are dead, and there is a simple reason for this. Marketing online is cheaper and gives businesses the chance to reach more people. Also, with tech resources like SEO, you can reach the specific consumer that you want to be seen by. Rather, than paying an ad to be displayed in front of people who may have no interest in your product.


Technology has opened up the market so that smaller businesses can compete. One way it has done this is by how easy it is for a business to be run from home. This is all to do with the developments in technology like cloud software. Cloud software means that files and information can be accessed at any time from anywhere with an internet connection. E-commerce companies mean that a business owner can access all the resources they need with a click of a button. As well as this, they can reach their clients through Skype and Facetime, rather than having to travel miles for face to face meetings.

Consumer Interaction

Consumers understand and expect this now, though. They are more than happy never to meet the companies they are buying from face to face because they have other ways to interact with them. They can follow them on social media, or share images across Instagram. The want complete access to the company and they want it to be easier with apps. Technology allows them to do this, and they have grown accustomed to making expensive decisions through apps on a smartphone.


We haven’t even mentioned the production. But, with new, CNC cutting technology provided by businesses like AZ industries, the process is more precise than ever. In every industry from the production of formula one cars to aerospace vehicles, the process has become more accurate than ever. That means we can rely on our machines to work, and we can push the boundaries in every aspect of tech development. Soon, we may even get rid of human error all together with companies in China replacing ninety percent of their workforce with robots!

There is no doubt about it. Technology has completely altered the way we do business. Our industry has been changing because of technology for years, and it shows no signs of stopping now.

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