What’s Next For Mobile Phone Technology?


Mobile phones have already changed the way we live. They’ve altered the world around us and the very core of our communication. They connect us to the internet and connect us to family and friends in an instant. For many, they have become an inseparable part of themselves. We have witnessed this astonishing change over a relatively short period of time. It doesn’t take long for new technology to completely alter the world we live in.

With that in mind, we’re already glancing towards the future. What’s next in the mobile phone world? We’re already outsourcing calls to Smart Numbers and relying on our phones for internet access. Naturally, the tech world looks to Apple for the next generation of mobile technology. For the last ten years, the iPhone has set the standard for portable tech. Unfortunately, Apple is highly secretive. But, we’ve pulled together some of the key ideas and concepts behind the next generation. We’ll reveal the secrets of the next big things in mobile technology.

Folding phones

When it comes to predicting future technology, there is no better way than looking at concept products. Concept products are those produced by tech companies to demonstrate what could be possible in the future. They are unveiled at large tech events and leaked online among technology circles. Folding phones are a big feature among these concept phones. They feature liquid batteries and flexible screens. They allow users to fold the phone up like a wallet and store it easily in the pocket.

Intelligent operating systems

Spike Jonze’s critically acclaimed film, ‘Her’ paints a scarily realistic vision of future technology. It features a highly intelligent operating system with artificial intelligence at its core. These AI operating systems will grow and develop around our lifestyle. They are far advanced from current systems and may talk to us and learn our needs. They’ll adapt to various situations and predict future trends. They’ll integrate seamlessly with our computers, cars and any other internet connected device.

Open source

Android has already pioneered this route to an extent. However, Apple has always kept notoriously closed doors. In the future, phones will be significantly more customisable. Currently we can download apps to customise our smartphones. However, open source technology will allow us to get deeper into the workings of our phones. They’ll let us adapt them to our needs. It will be easier and quicker to enhance our devices.

Bracelet phones

One strong common theme among current concept phones is the bracelet concept. Perhaps this is drawing on the Apple Watch and other wearable technology. However, it seems to be routed in the ease of carrying a phone on your body. The bendable, flexible designs we mentioned before are playing a big part here. Designs will mould around your arm, making the technology even more accessible. It remains to be seen whether this concept will make it to production. But, it’s certainly one to keep your eye on.

At Tech Exclusive we’re already looking forward to the future. Smartphones have changed the world irreversibly. We are only just beginning our journey into portable technology. There’s a bright future, and we’ll be there every step of the way to watch it happen.

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