3 Industries Harnessing New Tech to Engage Customers

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Technology is advancing at a very rapid rate in businesses. It has paved the way for easier and more productive workflow and collaboration among employees to help achieve higher sales. However, with all the future technological advances, the consumer is the clear winner.

Two of the best and fastest growing technologies that provide businesses with new and better opportunities to connect with customers is mobile and artificial intelligence (AI).

If mobile devices haven’t completely overtaken society yet, then it’s getting there. With 77% of Americans carrying a smartphone in 2017, people are using their mobile devices to connect not only with their family and friends but also engage with their favorite brands.

Behind mobile is AI. While this technology isn’t as widespread as mobile, there’s great potential in AI that can help businesses grow faster and better. In a survey conducted by BrightEdge, people chose content personalization, AI, and voice search as the top three marketing trends in the future. It’s best to tap into the power of AI now before everybody jumps in the bandwagon.

As business owners, you need to learn how to harness both technologies properly to turn bulk of your target market into customers. In this post, you will learn how three industries used mobile and AI to their advantage which should inspire you to do the same in the industry or niche you’re in.


Hotels tap into the power of mobile by enabling customers to use their smartphones as keys to open the door to their rooms. Two of the most prominent hotel names that have adopted this technology is Hilton and Disney.

The advantage of turning the smartphones of customers into their room keys is to lower the risk of losing their card keys. Since people continuously use smartphones throughout the day, customers won’t easily forget them compared to a card key that stays in your pocket. You also might accidentally drop it somewhere without you knowing about it lose it if you pull out your wallet or phone.

The hospitality industry taps into AI by employing chatbots to act as a guide to business travelers. An example of a chatbot is FCM’s Sam. It is a “Smart Travel Assistant Manager” that users can talk to and chat with if they have questions about their trip. Sam provides travel directions, nearest tourist destinations, and other relevant information so people can make the most out of their vacation.

Online Poker

Currently, people can play poker with other players online using a desktop with an internet connection. However, augmented reality may change the entire landscape of online poker.

Instead of merely playing poker with the limitation of your mobile app and device, augmented reality provides a more immersive environment that digitally emulates the world of play poker in real life. Imagine seeing other players from different parts of the world sitting across you on the poker table. It’s an exciting prospect of online poker and could change how the entire game is played!

Augmented reality is just at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to technological advancements in the field of online poker, according to 888 Poker. The probability of having a machine as croupier instead of a man or woman is very high if the trend of AI continues to pick up steam. Also, playing poker against a machine is no longer a far-fetched idea. The first poker match that included a computer named Claudico designed by Tuomas Sandholm as a player took place in April 2015 against professionals. Out of the four human players, Claudico beat one. It goes to show that the massive potential of deploying AI players in casinos if Sandholm plays his cards right and improve its technology.

Retail and e-commerce

Mobile and AI have already made a splash in the retail market. Companies like American Eagle have developed a mobile app to help customers receive exclusive discounts and special offers on select products. They can also display their products so people can choose straight from the app and have them delivered straight to their doorsteps. There’s no need to leave the house to go to the store and pick the items they want. Why go out if you can do it in the comforts of your home?

Sites like Amazon already have AI integrated into their websites. Whenever customers visit the site, Amazon recommends products to users based on their purchase history. Product recommendations are a great way to hike up sales because the chances of them buying a similar product that the purchased before are high.

The future is now

Future technological advances are taking place as we speak. There is nothing you can do but adapt to the times to not get left behind. Mobile and AI are just two of the technologies that you need to keep a close eye on. At the same time, both are arguably the technologies with the most potentials in terms of reaching out and engaging with your customers. Using the examples from different industries mentioned above, you can use some of their ideas and apply it on your own business.

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