Enjoy Your Favorite Music With This Navigation Device


Travel enthusiasts no longer need to worry about reading a map. You do not need to carry any maps with you if you are heading on a road trip to a new city. Enjoy seamless navigation with Pioneer Avic 8200nex. Pioneer is a renowned name in the industry and its products are rated at the top for its high quality features. The device has great navigation features, compatibility with most smartphones and high resolution display. It is an ideal investment and best value for money.

Features of the GPS navigation receiver

The GPS navigation receiver obtains information from the satellites and sends them to the car through an LED screen. You can also pair it with your mobile phone and access your favorite music with ease. Read through the Pioneer Avic 8200nex review and make the right investment choice. There are a number of additional features of the device which are elaborated below.

  • AppRadio Mode: The navigation receiver will give you complete control over your contacts, calendar, music, messages and maps. You can enjoy distraction free and safe driving using the intuitive interface.
  • Bluetooth: The device is compatible with android and iOS phones, it will automatically pair with the nearby registered device that have their Bluetooth connection on. 
  • Navigation: The high quality navigation receiver has the Naviextras feature that brings you the most recent database. You can access maps in Canada, Alaska, United States and Puerto Rico. Additionally, you can also get access to real time traffic and weather updates through Clear Channel Broadcasting. 
  • Display: The LED screen measures 7 inches with 800 X 480 WVGA display which offers a clear interface. It comes with an LED backlight and motorized display which makes it easy to read it even in the dark. The display can be customized with 13 available backgrounds and 112 key colors. 
  • Navigation settings: The navigation languages are available in English, Spanish and French. You can change the map views to 2D heading up, 2-D North up and 3D view. It also makes it easier to access 3D landmarks and a 3D city map. 
  • Connectivity: In addition to the Bluetooth mode, you can connect the device via HDMI input, rear AUX input, dual and rear USB connector, composite AV input, composite video output and USB for Apple devices. It also comes with a SD memory card slot. 
  • Accessories: The navigation device has a remote control and a detachable face security. 

The device will be an ideal travel companion for individuals who love road trips. It is easy to use and provides comfort and convenience. It can be simply installed inside your car dashboard and has an LED screen which makes it easier to read the map. You do not have to worry about getting lost in a new city, with the use of this technologically updated device; you will be able to ensure that you are always on the right path. Most importantly, you can enjoy your favorite music while you drive.

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