The Best AI Celebrity Voice Generators


It’s fair to say that AI is a contentious issue at the moment.

Many are extolling its potential virtues; we could use AI to augment medicine, for instance, or help us to identify ways to protect the environment.

However, there’s just as much concern as there is excitement, and much of it revolves around the ways in which AI could potentially be used to circumvent intellectual property laws or even to impersonate famous people.

Indeed, this is already happening; there are lots of AI celebrity voice generators out there, and they can be used to make some of your favourite celebrities say whatever you want them to.

Of course, you should use this technology strictly for fun and not for any nefarious purpose. Assuming that’s the case, here are the best AI celebrity voice generators you can use right now.

A quick note: it’s actually fairly hard to find genuine AI celebrity voice synthesis out there, because there are increasingly prevalent legal and ethical ramifications for companies that offer this technology.

With that in mind, we’re also going to include some voice synthesis software that isn’t necessarily geared towards replicating the voices of famous people or characters. Let’s get started!



FakeYou allows you to synthesise speech for a number of famous figures, including Anderson Cooper, Andrew Garfield, and many others.

You can also hear voices from iconic characters like the Anarchist from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and a “Sicilian Electrician” voice that definitely isn’t related to Nintendo in any way.

You’ll want to sign up for one of FakeYou’s paid plans if you’re intending on processing a high level of speech, though, as the free version is pretty limited.


There are plenty of potential applications for voice changing technology outside of simply synthesising celebrity voices; you may wish to disguise your voice as a Vtuber, for instance, or send a personal message to a friend. will let you do all that and more. It comes complete with a range of character and celebrity voices, and you can use it with different apps like Discord and Google Meet as well.

Whether you’re looking to disguise your voice on online games and chat apps or simply record a fun message for your friend group, will more than suffice.


Another great AI voice generator, prides itself on its range of “lifelike AI voices”, which you can then use for your podcast, video content, or presentation.

You’ll find a range of original voices on offer here, and while you might not find your favourite celebrity’s voice replicated perfectly, you’ll certainly find some soundalikes to try out.

What’s more, is easy to use and has a clear studio interface that you can use for all of your audio manipulation needs, so it’s perfect for beginners and advanced users alike.



With this comprehensive AI celebrity voice generator tool, you can change voices to sound however you like, and you can choose from a range of different YouTubers, politicians, and video game characters as well.

Not only that, but TopMediAI comes complete with a cover song generator, so if you’ve ever wanted to know how your favourite characters would sound singing your favourite song, look no further than this tool.

Just like, TopMediAI has an easy-to-understand interface that makes it incredibly simple to put together whatever kind of AI-based media you’re looking to create.



Voxal is another app that allows you to disguise your voice in a range of different ways. It’s not particularly great for generating celebrity voices, but if you want fun custom voice modules that make you sound like an alien or a different gender, this is where to go.

Voxal also comes with a range of different effects, including distortion, amplification, and echo, so you can make yourself sound more fun and turn your voice into the star of the show.

You can use Voxal with a range of apps, too, including Discord, Steam, and more, so no matter where you like to play your games, you can plug Voxal in and have a whale of a time.



Uberduck prides itself on providing AI voices that work great for music, particularly rap, so if you’re a producer looking for a synthetic voice to augment your latest big hit, then look no further than Uberduck.

You may also have seen Uberduck’s $10,000 music production challenge, in which users were challenged to use Grimes’ AI voice and Uberduck voice tech to create a song.

In short, if you’re looking for a music-oriented voice synthesis tool and you don’t mind the voices sounding just a little on the synthesised side, then Uberduck is definitely the app for you.

iMyFone MagicMic


Unlike many of the other apps on this list, MagicMic (see what they did there?) actually does feature a range of different celebrity voices to synthesise, including President Joe Biden, Drake, and Taylor Swift.

The voice synthesis isn’t too bad, either, although there are certainly some voices that sound more robotic and inhuman than others. We’re big fans of Biden, but the Morgan Freeman voice could use a little work.

Either way, you’re going to find some great celebrity voices here, and they should work great if you’re planning on pulling off a prank or recording a comedy song cover. Just don’t use them to start World War III, eh?

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