5 Home Improvement Apps You Need on Your Mobile Right Now


There’s an app for everything nowadays. Whether you use them on your laptop, smartphone or tablet, there are thousands of smart little applications to improve your life. Of course, they’re at their best on an ultra-portable smartphone or tablet. The advance of technology has also been amazing for DIY home improvements, making the sharing of information and spread of ideas incredibly easy. These 5 home improvement apps will make designing, decorating and fixing up a breeze.

1. SnapGuide (iOS – free)



This how to app has crowdsourced guides on anything from DIY to cooking. If you’re a visual person, SnapGuide is ideal. Along with step-by-step instructions, the guides also come with full page photos. Learn how to repair your sink, build a bookshelf or feng shui your bedroom – or cook the perfect roast chicken and do your own makeup. You can comment on and share other people’s guides, plus add your own.

2. MagicPlan (Android and iOS – free)



MagicPlan allows users to create floor plans using their phone’s camera. You can take measurements and add architectural symbols for doors, windows, furniture and more. Once you’ve drawn up your floor plan, you can export it into a PDF, JPG image or interactive web version. Perfect for renovating a room or just rearranging the furniture. You can download it for free, but a subscription will remove watermarks and get you more symbols to use.

3. Houzz (Android and iOS – free)



Houzz is another fantastic place to go for advice and ideas. A social network dedicated to interior design and architecture, Houzz offers hundreds of articles and discussions. Not to mention the photographs. If you’re stuck for ideas, Houzz is the place to go. There are tonnes of brilliant ideas for improving your home and adding to its value. Estate agents in Loughborough will tell you how important it is to redesign the interior of your house to help it sell for more.

4. iHandy Carpenter (iOS – free)



If your home improvement skills extend beyond decorating, and you like to get stuck in with the DIY, the iHandy Carpenter app is very, well, handy. This app turns your iPhone into a miniature toolbox. You can use it as a spirit level, plumb bomb, steel protractor and ruler. You’ll never have an excuse for an incorrect measurement or wonky surface again.

5. Colour Matching Apps


Peppermint 2

This isn’t really one app, but a category of apps. Being able to match colours perfectly doesn’t come naturally to everyone. There are so many colours to choose from that you sometimes need help. Matching colours has to be one of the fundamentals of interior design, after all. Paint companies create many of the colour matching apps, so they’re particularly useful when using a specific brand. However, there are non-branded apps that can help you too. Peppermint 2 is a colour wheel that will help you mix and match colours for the perfect new look in your bedroom, living room or kitchen.

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