5 Seriously Cool Gift Gadget Ideas For Your Man

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With Christmas quickly approaching (79 days, 13 hours and 59 minutes at the time of writing this, not that I’m counting), it’s a good idea to start shopping and get sorted before it’s too late. Do you have any idea what you can buy your boyfriend/fiance/husband yet? What about your dad/brother/uncle? If not, we’ve put together 5 seriously cool gadgets for men for you to look at! You can thank us later:

The iPhone 5c/5s

What about one of the brand new iPhones? Anyone who’s anyone has an iPhone (forget that Android rubbish), so the man in your life is sure to appreciate the brand new phone gadget that Apple has to offer. The 5c comes in a range of cool bright colours, from bright pink to neon green. The 5s however, comes in a slightly more sophisticated design, either in silver, grey/silver, or the stunning rose gold (this seems to be the favourite).

Read this review to find out which one would be the perfect gift.



PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 has been eagerly awaited by games consoles fans, and the great news is that it’s a fair bit cheaper than the new Xbox One! The design is sleek and made of hard angles, you could possibly cut yourself on one of it’s sharp corners, but it’s attractive none the less. There’s a variety of games to go with it, some exclusively made for the PlayStation. The games console geek will love this gadget!



Amazon Kindle Fire HD

The latest offering from Amazon is so much more than just an e-reader. This little tablet has just about everything you could possibly want, from books (with the covers in full colour HD) to TV shows and music! You can download a variety of apps; Netflix, Spotify, Facebook – and games on top of that, for example, The Sims and Tetris! The Amazon Kindle Fire HD is cheaper than some of the e-readers out there and definitely cheaper than the Apple iPad, making it a great value for money tablet.

Ted Talking Toy

Surely you’ve seen “Ted” the film about a man and his beloved Teddy bear that magically came to life after a wish was made years ago? If you haven’t, the first thing you need to do is go out and buy Ted on DVD,  and then you can really appreciate the magic and hilarity of the Ted talking toy. Ted is a womanising, smoking, drinking Teddy bear, the perfect companion for any male.

Neon Batman Sign

What bloke doesn’t want to be a superhero? With this neon Batman sign, the bloke in your life never has to afraid of “Dark Knights” again…geddit? This sign is officially licensed so you know you aren’t getting any cheap imitations, and gives a great retro feel to any room. Comic fans and superhero lovers will love this!


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The men in your life will just love any one of these cool gadgets (just don’t forget to give us a bit of credit)!

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