6 Cool/Weird Bathroom Gadgets


Ever felt that your bathroom is a bit dull? Ever wished that there was something more interesting for you to look at while brushing your teeth besides your own face? Well prepare to be amazed with 6 of the coolest and weirdest bathroom gadgets!

Eclipse Television Mirror

Eclipse Television Mirror

The Eclipse Television mirror is basically a TV for your bathroom mirror! Despair no longer at the sight of your own face and instead delight in the coronation street omnibus while going about your bathroom business. When switched off, the Eclipse Television Mirror will be no bother at all. Switch this amazing gadget on with the included remote control and you’re having the best time you ever had while having a wee. For one of these bad boys in 15 inches expect to pay £875, add another £200 for the 20 inch TV unit.

Intelligent Tap

Intelligent Tap

This intelligent tap is so intelligent you’d really think it had a brain. Not only can you check your emails while having a scrub a dub dub in the tub, you can check the weather (is there any point in washing your hair?), and access your daily schedule. Here’s the best bit – this little tap recognises your face, and will adjust water temperature and flow accordingly.

Wi Fi Scales

Wi Fi Scales

These bathroom scales connect to the internet to chart your body fat, BMI, and weight over time. You can view your progress via an internet browser or an app on your smartphone. This is one of the only sociable scales on the market too, share your progress with your friends on Facebook or Twitter! These scales will put a £115 shaped dent in your purse or wallet.

Pro Sun Sunshower

Pro Sun Shower

Do you love having a tan, but have no time to visit tanning salons or even time to apply self tanner? The Prosun Sunshower could be the bathroom gadget for you! Assuming you have time to shower, you can use this Sunshower to get your tan on as you clean yourself up. You can even turn on specific lamps to target areas you think needs a little extra glow. If you’ve £7,257 to spare you could get one of these gadgets installed in your own bathroom.

Touchscreen Mirror

Stocco Matre touchscreen mirror

The Stocco Matre touchscreen mirror allows you to do a multitude of things with a simple touch, including control your iPod, lighting control and even includes a mirror defogger for after those steamy showers. Mounted on a trendy aluminium frame this mirror/gadget is a bathroom must have.

The TV Tub

TV Tub

The TV Tub is an all in one trendy looking bathtub with a built in waterproof LCD TV! Designed by renowned designer Karim Rashid, this is one cool and luxurious bathroom gadget anyone would love to own. This bath would suit a modern bathroom perfectly. Plus, you’ll never want to leave the bath, making you the cleanest you’ve ever been!

Equip your bathroom with these 6 bathroom gadgets and be prepared to have the coolest most unique bathroom in your street (and probably in your town). Never be bored while washing or brushing your teeth again!

This Gadget Article was by Author Amie Scott who is a regular writer on gadgets and technology for the Atlas Plastics website.

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