6 Jobs That Are Being Replaced By Technology And Robots


In the fight against technology and robotics, we are slowly losing! When it comes to employment, many traditional jobs have now been replaced by robots. There are countless more in line for the chop in the next decade or two. It has now become more efficient, more cost-effective and safer to employ technology than humans.

It could represent a dangerous and worrying trend, or it could paint an exciting future. Whichever way you look at it, there’s no denying the staggering potential of new technology. It is entirely changing the way business works. In this post we’re looking at some of the jobs already losing out to the technological boom.

  1. Factory work. – Ever since Henry Ford revolutionised the concept of production lines, factories have used automation. Siemens automation followed suit and it has become the basis for all modern factory work. It is faster and more efficient to use technology in this manner. It is precise, measurable and accurate.
  1. Astronauts – Working in the space industry has always been incredibly competitive. Only the very best are accepted into NASA’s space program. Making the leap to astronaut is tougher. However, it’s about to get even harder. NASA are now building sophisticated robots to take vehicles into space. It allows them to explore further territories without risking human lives.
  1. Pharmacy – Typically, a pharmacy job requires expert scientific knowledge. It involves a long medicine degree, followed by on the job training. The days of the pharmacist could be numbered though, thanks to clever machines and robots. Technology can regulate and dispense the correct doses to outpatients.
  1. Drivers – You’ve probably all heard the hype surrounding driverless cars. The technology does exist and some cars have driven the length of the USA without drivers. It was under test conditions, and the law itself is still undecided on this issue. If and when the legal side relaxes the regulations, taxis, buses and trains could all be driverless. Whether we’ll all trust this technology is yet to be seen! Would you get in a taxi with no driver?
  1. Shop assistants – If you go into most major supermarkets today, you’ll see self-service checkouts. It’s the first step in a large-scale implementation and could spell the end of shop assistants. Currently, this technology is still quite irritating, as anyone who’s tried it knows! However, many of the bigger stores are already cutting staff numbers as a result. This could continue into the future.
  1. Soldiers – The armed forces have always been early adopters when it comes to technology. In fact, most of our technology was built and used by the army well before it was commercial. In the last decade, drone strikes have become a common war technique. This is slowly expanding into robotic tanks and sentinel strikes. It won’t completely remove the logistical side of battle, but it may help save lives.

There’s still a long way to go before these jobs disappear forever. The robots aren’t taking over just yet! But, give it time and we could see a big shift in the economy and job market. Is your job safe? Let us know in the comments below.

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