Sales of the Galaxy S series phone passes the 100 million mark (Samsung)


Well, it seems that Samsung has something major to celebrate; they recently passed the official 100 million mark in sales of their Galaxy S series of smartphones.  This is a significant development because it means that sales of their flagship series have actually surpassed that of Apples fabled iPhone 4.

Naturally there’s been a lot of speculation about what’s helped to propel them into this position.  A great number of professional analysts insist that it is the slightly larger touch screen interface that might have played a role in this recent development, but you also have to take Samsung’s extended global distribution of the line as well.  The Galaxy series is known for being fairly easy-to-use even for those who possess limited technical fortitude.  Similarly, the fact that both pictures and video are displayed in stunning clarity certainly contributes to the overall popularity of the line.

Arguably, it was the Galaxy S3 smartphone that actually allowed Samsung to usurp Apple’s impressive run.  In the 3rd quarter of 2012 for instance, it has been calculated that around 18 million S3 smartphones were shipped worldwide, compare that with the 16.2 million iPhone 4’s that were moved in the same time frame.  In essence, the statistics show that around 11% of smartphones sold worldwide were Galaxy S3 models.  When you add this figure to the already stunning success of all the other models in the Galaxy line, it becomes clear that then entire line has really dominated the market.

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