888 Poker: An Interesting Offer for Smartphone Users


Internet poker using real money has been around since the late 1990s, Planet poker being the first to offer such services back in 1998. It is only natural that we would see an industry like this rise over the next decade. If you scan message boards, asking for recommendations on the best new site, however, you will quickly find those who believe this style of poker dead in the water. 888 Poker on the other hand, seems to continue to deliver a quality and (sometimes) lucrative experience. The app is another popular feature to this giant offering.

Launching in 2002, 888 Poker has long since offered players such classic games as Texas Hold’em, Seven-Card Stud, and Omaha Poker. Starting up in Gibraltar, 888 Poker gained partnerships with private gaming companies in New Jersey and Nevada in 2013, bringing them to the U.S. Their U.S. launch in New Jersey began in November of 2013.

One of their largest ongoing promotions, $88 free to new players, seems to keep both the avid poker player and bring players new to these games entirely. This gives the perceived opportunity to make free money! While that’s certainly not what they’re saying outright, it’s not a lie! It gives already experienced players the opportunity to rise to more lucrative tables without much investment. New players also have a sizeable buffer between learning the game and actually playing it well. (Though you might practice with another, fake currency application first.)

Boasting over 10 million registered members worldwide, 888 Poker claims to be the fastest growing online poker room. Their numbers seem to be second only to PokerStars, and there appear to be many reasons to either choose 888, or make the switch if you’re playing Poker elsewhere. They offer a complete software package with Instant Play, allowing the competitor to jump directly into a game as soon as they complete registration. They are also the only site in the industry to give out free real money with no deposit down. And while there are claims of some hidden customer service options, they do have a customer service team on staff 24/7.

Promotions are one of the ways that 888 Poker has been able to continue their still-growing business. They offer deposit matching up to $400, free money for deposits at times, and double winnings with promotions like Monday Twins. A very interesting bonus you get with registration is 3 free tickets to Jackpotland where you can spin a wheel to win various prizes. In order to do so otherwise, you must play in the Jackpotland Free Tournament and climb your way to the top 500 players. If you decide to take this route, you do get to play in the free tournaments up to 4 times each day!

As much as you can make with any online poker room, many agree that with their ongoing and always updating promotions as well as their second-to-only-one playerbase, 888 Poker at least makes a compelling argument for why you should make them your online gaming home. See for yourself at https://www.888poker.com/.

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