The Best Apple Store Travel Applications For Your iPhone


Apple has been producing some of the world’s best smartphones for the last ten years. During that time, hundreds of thousands of different apps have been developed to work on these devices. While there are tools for almost anything, travel programs seem to have the widest appeal. That is because they have to be made to the highest of standards to make them functional. You’ll see lots of cool apps mentioned on the infographic, but here are some of the best ones you should check out…

Marine Traffic

Presuming you’re lucky enough to take your holiday on a yacht or small boat, it is essential that you download the Marine Traffic application to your iPhone. Making sure you stay out of shipping lanes is vital if you want to remain safe. It can be hard to move out of the way if you wait until vessels come into sight.

The Night Sky

Traveling to other countries means you will be under a different patch of sky to the one you’re used to. The Night Sky app tells you everything you need to know about the constellations found above your head. Just point your iPhone towards the stars, and this application will give you all the information you require.

MotionX GPS

If you love to go skiing while on holiday, you need to get this app as soon as possible. Not only does it track your location, but it also provides information about your vertical speeds. On top of that, the application links with all major social networks. That means you can let your friends know how you’re getting on.

Wherever you decide to go away in the near future, make sure your smartphone is securely in your pocket. You never know; it could save your life one day.

Infographic Credit Sports Cover Direct

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