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Being a parent is hard work, so it makes sense for people to look for technology that can help them protect their kids. There are all kinds of different things out there that parents can use to get peace of mind, but the following new technology is our favourite. You’ll be able to ensure your child is safe from danger wherever you are:

The Osper Card

The Osper Card has had a few mixed reviews, but even Davina Mccall loves it and uses it with her kids. The card is specially designed for children, so they can learn money management skills and keep their cash safe. With the card, your kids will have financial freedom and responsibility. Don’t worry though; there’s no overdraft limit, and you prepay the card yourself to make sure they have the money they need. Worried you won’t know what your kids are spending their money on? You can download the banking app, and you’ll see exactly where their money is going. Better yet, the Osper card won’t let them buy any adult items from the internet, so you have total peace of mind.

Cell Phone Monitoring

Kids are having mobile phones younger and younger these days. It can be worrying, not knowing who they are speaking to and what they are doing. That’s where cell phone monitoring comes in. There are all kinds of different ways you can do this, depending on the way that suits you best. However, you can imagine that there are cons to this technology. Is spying on your kids something you want to do? Wouldn’t you rather trust them? You can weigh up the pros and cons on sites like Vertex Lab. Some parents couldn’t live without this technology, while others can cope without it.

Adult Locks for Mobile Browsing

It’s one thing knowing who your child is speaking to and where they are, but how do you know what they are looking at on the internet on their mobile? This is a concern for many parents. It’s not that your child wants to look at adult things; they pop up accidentally a lot of the time. You will want to protect your child from things like this, which is why adult locks for mobile browsing were invented. All you need to do most of the time is log into your child’s account online and block adult content. You could also call their mobile provider to arrange a lock.

Net Nanny

As well as watching what your child is up to on their mobile phone, you need to be sure that they are safe on a laptop/computer too. They might be safe from viewing adult content on their mobiles, but what about laptops, computers and iPads? Apps such as Net Nanny were designed for such things. Now you can rest easy knowing your child is only ever viewing suitable content.

Try this technology, and you won’t have to worry about what your child is looking at or spending money on ever again!

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