BT Now Offering 100MBPS In Parts of Uk, 300MBPS To Follow


If you are stuck on a 1mbps connection, or anything similar, then you are likely to be a little bit envious of what British Telecom is rolling out across the UK. As part of the British government’s and BT’s combined £3 billion internet investment, BT is starting to roll out their new 100MBPS Download speeds and 15MBPS Upload speeds super-fast broadband service. BT are already offering a 40MBPS service, which is available through-out many areas of the UK.

BT has promised that by 2014-2015, over two thirds of the UK will have access to super-fast broadband services, with up to 300mbps download and 30mbps upload. BT has welcomed the massive investments from the British government, and believes that over 90% of the UK will have access to super-fast broadband before 2020. “With the already-announced government support, we believe there is the potential for fibre-based services to reach more than 90 percent of the UK within a few years thereafter,” Livingston said.

BT has said that this new service will cost £35 per month, and will come with unlimited bandwidth download usage.

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