Business: Helping Your Staff Keep Fit And Healthy


One part of running a business that will surprise you is keeping your employees fit and healthy. Isn’t that their job? Yes, they do have an obligation to maintain their health. But, you also have the same obligation if you want them to work harder and produce a better standard of work. The link between health and happiness and quality of work is irrefutable, and it is one reason you need to take their health seriously. Don’t worry because it doesn’t take much on your behalf. In fact, it is quite easy if you embrace it as an employer.

Cover Them Medically

The American health care system states that you need insurance to get the best treatment. The Affordable Care Act has made that better, but it is still a long road. To make sure that they get a good standard of care, cover them through your business. Businesses have the ability to use a generic health insurance policy for almost all of their employees. Some points will differ, obviously, but the principle remains the same.  With insurance, they don’t have to worry about large, punitive costs for their treatment.

Invest In Medical Facilities

You don’t have to be a doctor to invest in medical equipment. In fact, anyone can as long as they have a computer. Telemedicine software is a computer program that you install on your device that allows people to seek medical advice. It is a brilliant piece of technology, especially for those that don’t want to go to a doctor’s surgery. You can even go as far as hiring a general practitioner or a nurse and placing them onsite. That way, anyone can go to them with a health problem while they are at work.

Serve Healthy Food

Canteens and cafeterias are notorious for serving terrible food. To be honest, the standard of the food is much better. But, the healthiness of it is still the same. Canteens like to serve junk food because it I easier to produce on mass. If you take your employees health seriously, you should drop this tactic. Instead, you should adopt serving healthy meals like salad and chicken and rice. It might not get the taste buds going the same, but it will improve their health nonetheless.

Give Them Half A Day For Exercise

Companies around the world incorporate a half day policy for exercise because it promotes health and well-being. In Britain, for instance, universities get Wednesday afternoons to play a sport. The benefits of this policy are wide-ranging. The fact that your employees get at least one day to exercise is obvious. But, they also get the mental benefits of having time off work. They will work harder for four and a half days than they will for five whole days as a break is refreshing. It is refreshing both mentally and physically.

Build A Gym

Again, this is another popular tactic. Not only does it get people to exercise, but it also gets them into work early. If you aren’t aware, the benefits of early morning exercise are enormous with regards to productivity.

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