EA to Stop Making Games for The Nintendo Wii U


Electronic Arts has announced that it currently has no plans to develop games in the distant future for the Nintendo Wii U console. This is likely to deliver a killer blow to Nintendo who are desperate to boost interest in the recently released console. EA confirmed that there would be no Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, or Madden 14 release for the console, however, they didn’t rule out the possibility of working on a Wii U title sometime in the future (although this looks unlikely). What a ‘U turn’ for EA? They had many launch titles for the Wii U.

The latest financial figures released by Nintendo show that the console has underperformed with sales. Since the Wii U’s launch, the console has sold just 3.45 million, over half a million less than expected. With a new PlayStation and XBOX console just around the corner, you can only think that it’s probably downhill from here for the Nintendo Wii U.

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