LG Optimus Black P970 Android Review


There are plenty of options and feature –laden smartphones out there for the consumer to choose from, but what makes LG’s Optimus P970 different is larger, more vivid touchscreen and it’s extremely slim design.  The Optimus was actually designed to produce offer users a more visually accurate and stimulating smartphone experience.

The 4” touchscreen display is like nothing you’ve ever seen on a smartphone before.   Its ability to produce more accurate colors combined with the ability to utilize any of the Android 2.2 app releases makes the Optimus one of the top contenders in its market.  But the amazing features don’t stop there, not by a long shot.   This handy device also has a built-in 2 megapixel camera, Wi-fi, and even automatically adjusts lighting to account for indoor or outdoor conditions.    Like other smartphones, the Optimus is also more than capable of delivering a great web browsing experience and also features a very intuitive user interface.  Some additional great facets of the Optimus line include its ability to shoot video in 720p, play a variety of audio files (including mp3’s), and integrate with various social networking platforms.  This incredible smartphone also comes equipped with radio, GPS functionality, and micro SD card slot (which is extremely useful for transferring files).   However, the main selling point for a lot of individuals is the size, shape and weight of the LG Optimus; suffice it to say that this device is exceedingly slim and as light as a feather.

When it comes to smartphones, you won’t find many more feature loaded devices capable of outperforming the LG Optimus P970. Its primary design, which combines a slimmed down frame complete with a visually unsurpassed display and a powerful 1 GHz processor make the Optimus P970 a true marvel.

Rating: 9 / 10

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