The Ergonomic Mouse and its counterparts 


The Regular mouse 


The Regular mouse or the optical mouse, was created in 1980. The computer mouse was created to let the user select different objects on the computer screen, dragging and dropping files and data on the computer as well as scrolling through webpages and windows applications. The regular mouse continues to put the users arm in an unnatural position. The regular mouse compared to the other versions; new mouse designs is much different. For the regular mouse, the first version, the optical sensors in the regular mouse are used to drag the mouse pointer to different areas of the screen. There are 2 to 3 buttons that are standard on a regular mouse which include the right click button, the left click button, and the scroll button. The scroll button is not standard on all mouses. The left click button was used to click and select things on the screen. The right click button was used a little differently depending on the application. For Microsoft word, the right click button was used for searching, copy, paste, font changes, paragraph changes, reading outload, synonyms ect. Whereas, on a webpage those options may be something like back, forward, save as, reload, search images ect. 

The Gaming Mouse


The Gaming Mouse does also use optical sensors as the regular mouse does, but it also has the upgraded laser sensors for better gaming potential. With the laser sensors the user can achieve DPI that is higher than a normal mouse. The DPI aka the mouse sensitivity is now increased. Though the regular mouse has a limited number of buttons whereas the button and its functions are numerous in number. It is also possible for the user to assign the functions of the buttons themselves. There are at the minimum 11 to 12 buttons that are included on the gaming mouse verses the 2 to 3 buttons on the regular mouse. 

It is possible to use the buttons on the gaming mouse to assign the action of firing the gun or reload in the first-person shooting game that someone may play to simplify that action within the game.  The ability to assign different actions to the buttons brings simplicity to using the computer and different games played on the computer. 

Its possible to get different sizes for the player’s hand sizes in the more advanced versions of the gaming mouses. They are able to choose the size that fits more comfortably for the user for their game play. The comfort for extended game play is an absolute necessity. To continue with the comfort aspect, the gaming mouse has the ability to adjust the weight modules. The weight of the mouse accounts for the ease of use for the user with the mouse. 

In many of the gaming mouses, there is a way to change the lights on the mouse. The user has the ability to customize the lighting of the gaming mouse to a specific pattern or light sequencing. It is possible to purchase certain software that can help to customize that light sequencing on the mouse. This software cost ranges and sometimes is included with the purchase of the gaming mouse especially when it is done online.

The Ergonomic Mouse 


The Ergonomic Mouse is a mouse that is designed for upright wrist posture better matching the human body with putting less strain on the muscles in the hand, wrist and arm. It allows for your arm, wrist, elbow, and hand in a more natural position. It’s known at the handshake mouse because of the way that the mouse keeps your hand position. The vertical design of the mouse allows it to be grasped with a handshake type grip, thus the nickname, the handshake mouse. The handshake positioned grip lets you use a different part of the arm, the forearm, to make the maneuvers with the mouse instead of using the wrist. The Ergonomic mouse also requires less of a grip than that of a more traditional mouse. It may have a different hand and arm position, but it has the same functionality of the regular mouse. According to the developers, it was created as to mimic a hand in an environment that was weightless for less stress on the muscles and the joints for the arm as a whole. It helps to release the tension of the wrist tendons while helping to reduce fatigue and aggravation over a certain amount of time. 

There are so many reasons to use an Ergonomic Mouse. This is a mouse that is designed with the user in mind. This is a step froward in comfort technology and innovation. This is a huge change in the constructs of technology in the function, aesthetics and efficiency of the Ergonomic Mouse. It helps alleviate the pain of the unnatural position of the regular mouse. 

There are disadvantages to the ergonomic mouse just as there are advantages to the mouse. In the beginning and still today, a lot of the ergonomic mice are battery operated. However, there are many great options such as the Mojo Master Grip Silent Vertical mouse that is Bluetooth enabled, as well as rechargeable. There are many options now that are rechargeable and easy to use for the users. Another supposed disadvantage would be that the amount of money that they cost. However, there are some that are 30 dollars or less. Which yes is much more expensive, but it is so worth it though may not be affordable for some. The last disadvantage may be that it is something that takes time to get used to being that the traditional mouse has been the most common used mouse for computers for most people over the last 10 to 15 years. It can be a transition that could be difficult for many people. 

Though an ergonomic mouse and a gaming mouse is usually different, there is one gaming mouse that is both of them. This mouse is called the Mojo Master grip rechargeable silent vertical mouse with Bluetooth and wireless capabilities.

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