Facebook: The Like Button Evolves

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One of the most memorable elements of Facebook is the Like button. It’s a simple feature which has allowed you to show your support for a post or photo. However, it didn’t allow users to express themselves as they might in real life. For this reason, Facebook has introduced a new set of emotions for users to use, simply named as Reactions.

These new selectable options include Love, Haha, Sad, Wow and Angry. Before, if something made you angry, you didn’t have any other option than to show it by commenting and perhaps liking the post within a different contextual way. You’re now able to show how you feel in a more direct way. 

facebook reactionsWhilst a small change, it’s sure to alter the way in which members use the site. The new shiny icons will be found when you hover over the Like button. 

Of course, Facebook Reactions might not be conceived well with the privacy conscious, partly because it allows Facebook to understand far more about yourself and your decisions. This is sure to be considered a downside. Facebook have said that they hope to learn how users interact with the Reactions.

Does this new feature wow you? Or does it take away the simplicity Facebook originally branded itself upon? Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.

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