6 Futuristic and Fashion Forward Watches


Normal, everyday things are becoming more and more advanced by the second. Telephones used to be two tin cans attached to a string, now they’re tiny little things we carry around in our pockets that allow us to download apps, facetime friends, and more. Televisions are getting thinner and thinner, soon, they’ll be no thicker than a pane of glass – probably invisible until turned on too! Joining mobile phones, TV’s, and other advanced techy things of today is the watch. First came the pocket watch, then the ladies watchlette (that no man would have been caught dead wearing), now we have digital watches, smart watches, and even gamer watches. Read on for the 6 most futuristic and fashion forward watches of our time:

The iDermal Pierced Watch

A very cool concept created by Dave Hurban, a tattooist and piercer. He inserts 4 magnetic dermal piercings into his own wrist (carefully measured out), cleans up a LOT of blood in the process, and then attaches his new smart watch face by Apple. It looks really cool – but it’s probably really painful.

The Isosceles Time Tracker

This is a concept watch that uses a series of triangles to tell the time. The 32 triangles are lit up by a series of LED lights, and although it’s quite difficult to read, it still looks very cool!

The Luxury Gamer Watch

A watch inspired by classic arcade games – perfect for the gamer geek! These watches are likely to be very expensive, but worth it as they’re so eye catching.

The Modern Pocket Watch

The pocket watch isn’t a watch seen about that much these days, so it’s been given a modern day makeover. This pocket watch responds to touch…cool, isn’t it? It could be the perfect present to buy your grandad for Christmas to gently ease him into new technologies.

The Word Reading Wrist Watch

Set out like a word search, this watch will spell out the time for you – literally! It’s simple to read, certainly individual, stylish, and looks very sophisticated. The old days of telling the time are gone – Joey Essex can breathe a sigh of relief, and simply read it out instead (hopefully he can manage the challenge)!

The Psychedelic Retina Watch

Wearing one of these watches will be like wearing a work of art on your wrist. The retina design by Swatch is colourful and funky; almost eery! Go and get yours now before the limited editions sell out!

These watches are so futuristic and fashion forward, that you might have trouble finding a professional on site watch repair service to help you out should they go and break on you! Don’t worry though, traditional watches are still fashionable – just don’t expect them to be around for much longer. If you want a watch that’s going to stand the test of time, get the iDermal (you’d never lose it), or the modern day pocket watch to mix it up with a dash of traditional style and a pinch of modern day technology!

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