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In short, “Fuse” is a relatively fun cooperative action shooter that many will find enjoyable, if not a big generic.   Simply put, this game takes some of the best elements from other titles and attempts to meld them together; some things work extremely well, others…not so much.  Perhaps the weakest thing about “Fuse” is its uninventive and forgettable story which follows the 4 person strike team “Overstrike 9” on their quest to make sure that an incredibly dangerous weapon doesn’t fall into the hands of “terrorists”.  At any rate, the focus isn’t really on the narrative, the personal and sometimes dark pasts of each character fills the void, instead.

Whereas other titles tend to give you the option to take on a single player experience or perhaps mess around with some type of (hopefully well-thought out) coop mode, “Fuse” more or less demands that you take things online.  Sure, you can certainly tackle the game all by your lonesome, but it’s probably best experienced with friends.  Moreover, each team member has their own unique skill set and weapons, which you can use to your advantage in terms of battle tactics and strategy.  Furthermore, as a single player, you can switch between the characters, which certainly adds another layer to the gameplay, to say the least.


On its surface, “Fuse” is a relatively sharp looking 3rd person shooter.  To make a long story short, “Fuse” doesn’t suffer when it comes to its visuals.   The graphics are sharp, modern and even a bit stylish (although not very defined and original).  Similarly, the action is smooth, the lighting looks fantastic and the models / environments are also acceptable.  As previously stated, this game borrows heavily from other franchises, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.



If “Fuse” has one big redeeming feature, it’s the gameplay which is fun and varied.  What really makes this game work are the various powers that each team member wields.  For example, there’s Dalton who carries a powerful shield-like weapon, Naya, who can become invisible, Izzy, who can freeze enemies in place, and of course Jacob, who can melt enemies with his crossbow.  However, to really take advantage of these abilities you need human players; simply put, the A.I. is not sophisticated enough to accurately assist you in battle.  What’s more, if you’re incapacitated (as a single player) and waiting for a teammate to revive you, the A.I. players will just run around like twits (and no, you can’t switch characters while down either).



If you’re really into 3rd person shooters or are just in the market for a neat co-op type game which you and your friends can tackle together, “Fuse” might be worth looking into. However, if you’re going to be playing alone, as a single player, you might want to pass on this title as it was clearly designed for 2 or more players.  Aside from that, “Fuse” is a relatively lackluster game with an unremarkable story, the kind of game you play to perhaps pass the time.

Fuse -

Rating – 7 / 10

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