Geek Fitness: The Muscle Toning Machines That Flatten Your Abs


Want to know a secret most gyms don’t want you to know? Exercising just one area of your body won’t get you super abs, so doing just sit ups won’t impact very much. It’ll probably give you good core strength in your stomach but you won’t be sporting that toned look that is so desirable. Finding the right exercise machine means that you can find the right routine and exercise that will get your abs looking flatter in a few weeks.


Good cardio is the first step with getting better abs. Treadmills are perfect for helping you stay in control of your speed and timing and also measure your calories burnt as well. Running on a treadmill will have an overall effect on your body by burning fat in areas like your glutes, hamstrings and quads. Focus on your ab area by doing small bursts of high-intensity running. Every time you sprint, you need to jog gently for twice as long, so if you sprint for one minute, jog for two. This will help you relax and get your breath back.

Ab crunch machine

This machine in the gym will hold you in a sitting position and you will fold yourself in half whilst your feet are hooked under a bar and you hold onto a hair of handles by your head. This machine will focus on your upper and lower abs at the same time so it can really help you to achieve a flatter stomach.

Captain’s Chair

This machine looks like it should be cosy, but it’s good for targeting your abs. Sit in it as you would a normal chair, put your hands on the side supports and allow your legs to rest on the ground. Gripping the side supports, lift your legs up towards your chest and then let them drop down slowly. Repeat for the desired number of reps.

Elliptical trainer

Often better known as the cross trainer, this machine will help target your chest and your abs, get the most out of this machine by gripping on the handle and pushing and pulling with each stride. Increasing resistance but not speed will help target your ab area whilst giving you a good overall cardio workout.

Torso Twists

Remember your abs aren’t the only muscle group to target, your whole stomach and waist will need attention to ensure your abs look great. The torso machine will target the sides of your stomach. This machine requires a kneeling position, simply kneel down, grip the handles and twist your body from side to side in a smooth motion. the slower you go the higher the impact will be.

Indoor Cycling Bike

Another good cardio machine, this tones your glutes, thighs and calves. This type of cardio will help work on flattening your stomach by working your core muscles. Really get the most of this workout by contracting and relaxing your abs whilst cycling.

While machines in the gym is one way to get a flat stomach there are many other factors that will come into play too, like diet. Click here for more tips and guidance to getting a flat belly.

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