How Can Technology Make You A VIP?


The tables have well and truly turned since using technology had any kind of nerdy connotations. Now the biggest digital natives are also the coolest kids around, and being savvy online can make you almost a celebrity in today’s modern world.


You Can Be A High Roller

If you’ve ever dreamed of having everything you want, technology could be your way in. Not everyone can start up their own Fortune 500 Company, but everyone does have the chance to be an entrepreneur online. All the rules of business apply here, just in a less physical setting than 20 years ago.

Being a high roller is about playing a part, too. Even if you’re not mega-rich, it’s about the image you portray. Think of Las Vegas as the capital of hedonism, where you can do whatever you want, partying it up every single night or hitting the hottest casinos. It doesn’t matter if you’re not actually able to head to Vegas itself, you could join the high rollers using Bitcoin on the online casinos, for a glimpse of a certain lifestyle and a chance to feel valued. Bitcoin itself is a product of modern technology as it’s a real-life currency that’s completely digital, as are the arcade games of iGaming which emulate traditional casinos. If that’s not your scene, there’s always blagging an invite to a party on a yacht.

You Can Get Into The Hottest Events

Keeping ahead of the latest trends is part of the allure of technological obsession. We’re all pretty into the validation that social networking gives us, but it can actually be quite risky just to rely on “likes”. So, why not use your platforms to give yourself tangible “social proof”, too?

Knowing about the latest bands or clubs won’t just keep you in the loop, it could also actually help you go to some really cool parties and events! Identifying trends before they blow up by following the biggest influencers could make you one; and eventually you’ll be the one being invited to the best events first. Start from the bottom! Get to know club promoters, and that way you’ll be able to sort yourself onto the guest list with just a cheeky Facebook message!

You Can Be A Star

By now, it’s no secret that social media can blow you up and make you a star. But how can technology keep you ahead of the game? With literally billions of us online, what sets the social media stars apart from the rest?

More often than not, it’s their ability to use the latest technology to their advantage and to the best of their skill set. Recognising your strengths and playing to them will enable you to shine brighter than the competition. If you’re an expert at design, use it to create a killer website that’ll get the traffic rolling in. Writers can use their talents on web platforms such as blogs. And then there are the videographers and photographers of the world. Visual content is arguably the most important online; so anyone with skills in editing or capturing the perfect shots either in front of or behind the camera may well propel you to YouTube, Snapchat or Instagram fame.

There are more and more superstars emerging each day, so who’s to say you won’t be next? Playing around with computers and other technology no longer means missing the party on Saturday night. No – it can mean that you ARE the party.

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