How to Learn the Basics of Building Your Own App


With the rise of smartphones has come a revolution in the way we create and use software. In the past, programs were much bigger and tried to incorporate many elements that can now be split across a number of different applications. There are, of course, many large apps on the market today that help us to deal with things like accounting or word processing, but for the most part, programs are becoming smaller, allowing much more room for new developers to make their mark, and make a few quid in the process.

Considering all this, I thought today might be a good time for me to release a post explaining how you too can get involved by starting to make, and sell your own applications. Of course, there’s simply not enough room here to go through all the technical stuff, so this article has been designed to simply point you in the right direction. Don’t worry too much if you find all this computer business a little confusing normally, as all the hints and tips I’m about to give will help to make it all become crystal clear.

Coming Up With Your App Idea

To begin with, it’s important that you identify a suitable reason for creating an app in the first place. There’s no point releasing something people don’t want or need, as they simply won’t bother downloading it. Unless, you’re a huge fan of those terribly monotonous games like “Angry Birds”, in which case, fill your boots. They seem to sell very well, and make a lot of money for the designers.

Designing Your App

Once you’ve come up with the perfect concept, you’ll need to start thinking about how the whole thing will come together. Many people find the comic book approach to be best, and this is where you sketch out all the different “scenes” or “screens” you wish to be contained in the finished product. This should allow you to get a real feel for how the app will turn out, and you should also get a reasonably good idea about whether your original concept works, or whether it needs tweaking a little bit.

The Computer Stuff

At the moment, Apple is probably the best company for providing developers with tools to help build apps, but Google and other pioneers are not far behind. Perform a simple online search for “app building tools”, and you should come across lots of free, and paid programs that will make your life much easier. Don’t get me wrong, it will take a lot of hard work and dedication to master these tools, but they’re all pretty self explanatory, so it’s nothing you couldn’t work out on your own. Also, there are some fantastic books out at the moment that you can download from and other major suppliers.

See, that wasn’t too confusing now was it? I’m sure after reading through all that information the idea of creating, selling and releasing your own applications in the near future doesn’t seem so daunting, right?

Catch you next time tech munchers!

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