How To Make The Business Case For Mobile Technology


Mobile technology has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, and it’s becoming an integral part of life, work, and play. But, there are still plenty of businesses out there that are playing catch up when it comes to mobile tech – and all the benefits it can bring.

So, if you work for a boss that is resistant to change, then here are some great ideas for making a business case for them. Or, if you run your own business, perhaps you can take some ideas, too. Let’s get started.

Search is changing

In years gone by, most people would search the Internet from the comfort of their homes, on their PC or Mac. There was a little bit of action from older mobile handsets, too, but certainly nothing to write home about. However, things have changed a great deal. These days, your website is more likely to be found via a smartphone, tablet, or another mobile device. Over half of all searches are made from mobile in today’s world, and that is something that no business can ignore.

Of course, currently, people still prefer to make purchases from their desktops or laptops. But, there is no doubt that when the right technology and security comes along, a lot more will begin to buy from their mobile. And, when you consider that mobile payments are finding a place in physical retail stores, too, then you can see how the future lies. Your employer can’t afford to miss out on the mobile market – and this should be your first and most important point.

It impacts your sales

OK, so more people are using their mobiles to search, but your boss has no concerns because you have a general website anyway. Well, unfortunately for your boss, it doesn’t quite work like that. In fact, you need to invest in a responsive site, that looks good on smaller displays, as well as a monitor. This is especially relevant if your business is big on video, products, or images.

If your company’s website isn’t responsive, you will lose sales. Your standard web pages will be hard to navigate through, and your payment systems will seem unwieldy at best on a smartphone screen. Make sure you are optimized for mobile and you will avoid losing sales.

You can outsource it

Your boss might be put off by the fact they have no experience with mobile technology. But, that’s not important – even at this early stage. There are plenty of companies out there that offer mobility solutions, and you can outsource to them to get a job done. As long as you have a strategy in place and an idea of what you want, it’s a cost-effective way of upgrading your business.

There are plenty of ways that a third party company can use their expertise to help you out. They could build an app for you, for example. Or, they can even work with you across a range of devices to ensure that your company is being as productive as possible. Whether it’s customer facing or internal productivity, it doesn’t matter. Embracing the mobile revolution will give you and your boss a lot of different and effective options.

Good luck with your persuasion – and we hope this helps!

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