The Best XBOX One Exclusive Games


Gamers differentiate the PS4, Wii U and Xbox One by their exclusive games. With each having a number to choose from, here is a list of the best Xbox One console exclusive games that will keep you glued. You should note that many of these are console exclusives, which mean they’re, however, available on PC. Let’s get started…

Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive xbox one

This is another adventure and futuristic game available for the Xbox One. It opens in a world where riots are the norm. There is no order as the world is ever changing. It is imagined to happen in the near future. Something has happened in the world causing it to be overrun by mutants. They have ceased control of the city. Many inhabitants of the city perish. However, you have a calling not to serve the mutants but to destroy them. Your weapons are a kick-ass ability, weapons that can over power and an incredible ability to transverse the city. You have a challenge to survive and save your city. The game is developed by Insomniac games and categorized under Action games.

Halo 5: Guardians

Halo 5 Guardians

When you talk about XBOX, it’s the Halo brand which is considered one of the main attractions when it comes to exclusives. So, with the recent release of Halo 5: Guardians, it was expected to impress, and that it did. It might not have stretched quite far enough for some, however, it’s another fantastic title which keeps the franchise progressing. It’s the multiplayer online features and graphics which make this game a worthy purchase for the majority of XBOX One owners.

Zoo Tycoon

zoo tycoon xbox one

Some might consider business-sim games as boring and simply lacking any action. However, for those fans out there, the return of Zoo Tycoon was to be highly welcomed. Microsoft’s great sim, based around managing a zoo, made its return on the XBOX One with this release. With a fan base already on the PC, the return also generated plenty of positive feedback.

Kinect Sports Rivals

Kinect Sports Rivals

It begins with an invitation to create a customized champion. There is a gaming island setting where you have to battle in several sporting events. The champion you create has the power to appear in events on your behalf, but will only perform to your level. The champion creation process requires you to sit through an intro which might take some time. To avoid waste of time, you might opt to use generic characters. Some of the activities you engage include rock climbing, bowling and target shooting. It also comes with a soccer version that is not too impressive. During play, you will earn coins that can be redeemed to purchase sports gear and outfit to be used in the field.

Dark Dreams Don’t Die

Dark Dreams Don’t Die

This is another project by Telltale in their ‘point’ and ‘click’ renaissance. The kinetic experience as it is taunted allows the gamer to practically push the owl over. This leaves it in a category of its own. It captures an loner dick that prefers the toilet as a sacred thinking place. The dick is haunted by a giant who appears in a surgeon’s mask. The weirdness that characterizes the game is covered by a fair share of great ideas.



Smite takes the format of a multiple player online battlefield. It also uses an action realtime-strategy. It was released as a free title. Players are offered a range of immortals, player-able gods and creatures borrowed from ancient mythology. As a player, you join in session based arena combat. You will form a team of five players in fighting five others. While this is the main mode, there are other options when selecting your partners. The player-able characters are assigned unique characteristics and powers. They win battles as a result of the fighting characteristics and style. You have an opposing team to fight off.


below xbox one

Below takes you on an adventure where you search for special loot and hidden treasure. You will have to fight with malevolent forces using a character that uses kinetic forces to sense danger. This character also changes orientation and response based on the surrounding. It is developed by Capybara Games and is categorized as adventure. The game is set for release anytime now, and the trailer indicates a promising gaming experience.

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