How top online casinos are using state of the art technology


As with any other industry that routinely rakes in a lot of cash, online gambling houses are always eager to adopt the latest technologies (and approaches) which will allow them to stay ahead in the game.  These days that usually means online casinos scrambling to bring in new talent in their IT / engineering departments.  Naturally this is just an element of the system that must be dealt with, after all, there’s always more than a few nasty rouges out there who would love to thwart the security and steal from these establishments, which is very bad for business, obviously.   Aside from that, there’s the issue of other necessary upgrades which might allow for increased capabilities.  In either case the object is the same – to improve the bottom line and profit margins utilizing tech as a leveraging tool of sorts.

One of the most visible things that’s been adopted by online casinos in recent times (which isn’t necessarily high-tech) is HTML 5.  Not only is html 5 being used in many other areas outside of online gambling, but it is also a driving force for many of the Javascript-powered devices out there like smartphones and tablets, one example would be no deposit slots.   The reason that this is important, especially right now, has to do with statistics – specifically, the large number of said devices which are out there right now active in circulation.  Each one of them acting as a portable hub for on-the-go instant casino-style gambling; whether for wagering or just entertainment purposes, businesses need to give priority to owners of these devices.

Casino owners are definitely aware of this, that’s one of the reasons why many of them have been scouting for the best technically-minded individuals to set up and maintain their online infrastructure(s).  For example, IGT (the same company that’s known for manufacturing most of the slot machines in the US) has been heavily investing in developing certain online gaming technologies which they are in turn licensing to other companies.  You know what they say; when the big players start making moves it’s best to pay attention, right?

In addition to this, there’s the spike in demand for online gambling (in general) to contend with.  People of all shapes and sizes are eager to load up a game or two of poker, blackjack, roulette or craps perhaps as a diversion, to cash in, or just socialize.  For instance, poker has become so popular these days – something that virtually no one saw coming.  Any major online casino out there today needs to remain awake and aware of every emerging trend, game and offer (not to mention – delivery technology on the server end) if they’re to retain their position and clientele.

In short, expect to see online casinos continuing to add new weapons to their IT arsenal, expanding and adapting where required.  There’s even been talk in the gambling industry of expanding into uncharted areas like real-time betting for conventional online video game consoles (and their respective service like the PSN and Xbox LIVE.   Just imagine how that might turn out.

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