Jurassic Park Online Slots Review


Themed slots, which take various iconic concepts from films, tv, culture or even other games and combine them with gambling, certainly isn’t anything new.  If you’ve been paying attention at all you’ve probably seen all sorts of neat-looking slot-based games popping up everywhere, perhaps even incorporating various elements from your favorite movies, perhaps?  With “Jurassic Park” online slots though, we have a true match made in heaven.

As you have no doubt already guessed, specific characters or dinosaurs act as symbols for the reels of this wonderful little entertaining game.  At the same time, there’s a definite sense of adventure that the developers have tried to include, so that this isn’t just a gambling game, but maybe also an entertaining experience in its own right.  With 5 reels and a massive 243 payline scheme, just loading this one up and messing around with it feels like you’ve gone on a dangerous safari.  To be honest, this offering is chock full of all sorts of bonuses and emergent prizes, which is what likely makes it a big winner in most player’s opinions.

Overall, the biggest attraction here is the general look of the game.  Rather than being some lackluster knock-off that loosely incorporates dinosaur-related themes this title is licensed and includes various segments from the actual movie itself.  While you’re playing there always seems to be something moving, be it in the foreground or background.  At the same time, the backdrops will frequently shift suddenly as well, which again makes you feel as though you’re exploring a dangerous island as you spin.

Of course, those are just cosmetic things, not really indicative of the overall gambling experience, which is also superb and action-packed.  One of the coolest features is the T-Rex alert mode, which adds no less than 35 additional wild symbols, thereby increasing your odds of winning something.  It’s this sort of built-in excitement-building tactic which will keep you coming back for more, especially when you hit spin and land some massive win.  In truth, the entire game is filled up with little tidbits just like that, which again, always seem to keep you on your toes.

Whereas a lot of similar offerings that attempt to bring together movie franchises with gambling games tend to fall flat, Jurassic Park online slots never really “jumps the shark”, as they say.  In other words, you need not worry about things becoming too overtly tacky or hollow and showy, they’ve taken the time to hone this one into a little gem.  Just a little fyi – the game was created by the ever-popular “Microgaming” studio, which is known for churning out all sorts of popular industry-standardized games which you’ll also find all over the internet and elsewhere.  At the same time, it features a sweeping soundtrack which instantly evokes the same sort of mood that film it is based on accomplishes.  The fact that they’ve also taken the time to include tons of little animations for nearly everything in the game is also notable.  Soon enough you’ll begin to associate various spin values with the appearance of specific dinos, which is a nice touch to say the least.

By and large, we recommend Jurassic Park Online Slots for anyone out there who likes to play interesting slots.  While it is certainly tailored for those who are into the movie series, it should bear repeating that anyone can play this and have a great time, regardless of whether or not you’re a rank amateur or have lots of previous gambling experience.  The visual presentation alone merits it fairly high mark, but the fact that it is also a great gambling game in its own right sends it over the top. If you are a newcomer to this type of casino game, then you should look out for no deposit slots to help you get started.

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