iPhone 5? No. iPhone 4S? Yes.


Apple today officially announced that they would be releasing the iPhone 4S. Whilst there won’t be any cosmetic changes to this upgrade, what you will get is a “personal assistant”, and the phone will offer a faster experience with the new A5 processor. For US customers the phone is priced from $200 for the 16GB model or $400 for the 64 GB model. Both of those prices are subsidized by the cost of a 2-year wireless contract. A new voice-recognition feature named Siri will allow iPhone users to control their phones by speaking. The iPhone 4S goes on sale on October 14th.

Many were hoping that Apple would also announce the iPhone 5, however, this never happened and many were disappointed after all of the hype over the event. Apple’s shares fell as a result of the disappointment. Apple believes the iPhone 4S has enough to offer in order to win over more customers.

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