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If, like one of the millions of people in the world today you own a smartphone or tablet, you’ll know that apps are the way forward. There is an app for everything nowadays and I mean EVERYTHING. There are apps for counting calories, apps for playing games, apps for brain training, apps for socializing  apps for listening to music, apps for monitoring sleep and now there are even apps for gardeners! There are lots of people who love gardening, and with good reason. Gardening is a fun, not to mention rewarding and challenging hobby or even job to have. In this guide, I will tell you about a few different gardening apps that could help to make your garden so much more beautiful this year!


Garden plan pro

This app is a tad on the expensive side, but if you’re looking for a greener, more lush garden this year then look no further. This app has a massive plant database and calendar, which informs you what plants you should plant and exactly when you should plant them. This app also brings you weather information for your area not to mention help with crop rotation! This is so worth the money and recommended for gardeners of all levels!


Garden compass

This is a free app that is packed with loads of useful info to get you up to speed with different species of plant. If you are unsure of what you are planting, simply take a picture and this plant will tell you what it thinks it is! It contains over 1000 pictures, help with garden shopping and even the function to let you share your pictures with friends over social networks. Not bad for a freebie!

Botany buddy

This is an ipad only app so if you don’t have one and you aren’t planning on getting one you should probably skip this one. This is an app full of great information about native tropical plants, thousands of them! You can also connect with other users online to share tips and information. Botany buddy is a nice app to use, and so worth its £9.99 price tag! You’ll be an expert on tropical plants in no time at all.

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Garden time planner

It can be difficult to know when to plant your herbs and vegetables, and even more difficult deciding when you should harvest them. Thats where this brilliant app steps in. This app will give you tips on when to plant your crops, all the way up until it’s time to harvest. Not only that, this app boasts weather tips for your area, a database full of plants and loads more helpful bits. This app is another great freebie so if deciding when to plant and harvest is difficult for you, or even if you just fancy letting the app do all the work, it is a must download!

These four apps are, in my opinion, the top four gardening apps out there today. Download them and see what you think! If you aren’t satisfied with these four alone, try downloading Flower pedia, Plant pedia, or Garden plot for some more helpful information and features. With thanks to Select Furnishings for writing this post.

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