Sony CMT MX550i – iPod Dock / HiFi Stereo Speaker System


The emergence of portable music devices has certainly simplified the manner in which we store and/or transport our music, but by the same token, has downsized the way we experience it.  This is because most transportable devices, like the iPod, are meant to be used with headphones.  As a result, they are very handy but offer very little in the way of authority of sound, outside of ones’ own ear buds of course.  This is why, shortly after its release, companies began to release docking systems for iPods which allow them to be played through existing stereo systems or perhaps home entertainment centers meant for DVD’s or blue-ray.    This is what Sony’s CMT MX550i is in essence, a docking and sound reinforcement solution for iPod owners.  With one of these excellent units in your flat you can have the best of both worlds; the style and portability of the iPod, combined with the full auditory experience (delivered courtesy of Sony).

So, what features does the CMT MX550i have?  Aside from reproducing sound in detailed Hi-Fidelity, Sony’s stereo speaker docking system is also capable of playing CD’s as well as DAB radio.   This is truly a “does it all” audio solution that’s perfect for any room in the house or business.  The CMT MX550i is also a very attractive piece that will make an excellent addition to anyone’s design scheme; users frequently comment on how the unit looks much more expensive than it actually is.  All aesthetics aside, power and sound quality is where the CMT MX550i really shines; iPod owners won’t find a more suitable all purpose stereo and docking solution at this price.  There is much about Sony’s CMT MX550i to celebrate, who knew that convenience, power, and looks could come at such an affordable price?

Rating: 9 / 10

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