Microsoft Patents System for Tailored In-Game Ads to Enhance Player Experience


Microsoft has recently filed a patent for a new system that could revolutionize the way ads are served to gamers. The patent, titled “Providing Personalized Content for Unintrusive Online Gaming Experience,” was first spotted by Gamesual, and could allow for tailored in-game ads that are served to gamers in an “unintrusive” manner. The system would be based on an overlay technology that would detect when a particular person is playing a streaming game and determine a time to serve ads. This could be a game-changer for Xbox Gaming, as it could provide a more immersive experience for players and allow developers to be able to place ads in more places. However, it is unknown when or if the system will be implemented.

What are In-Game Ads?

In-game ads are advertisements that appear within the game environment, such as on billboards in a city, radio stations, character’s clothing during the character customization phase, or digital advertising banners. These ads are often tailored to the individual user and may include offers or products relevant to their interests. The purpose of in-game ads is to provide another revenue stream for developers and publishers, as well as to enhance the immersive gaming experience.


Examples of In-Game Ads

Examples of in-game ads include: Buzz Cola in the Simpsons Game, Mastercard and League of Legends, Pepsiman, Chipotle Scarecrow, Nike and Puma in NBA 2K. Developers are monetizing with ironSource, PickCrafter which boosts revenue by 165% with ironSource rewarded video, Earn to Die, McDonald’s Video Game, Bing search engine in June 2009, and NBA 2K.

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