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The Best Gaming Keyboards of 2015

With mobile gaming currently leading the market and new gamers from all corners of the world now enjoying smartphone gaming experiences it has been surprising to see a sudden resurgence in the popularity of the traditional PC gaming. But serious gamers are once more demanding very powerful bulked up PC’s configured to their requirements so they can get the very best from their gaming experiences. And taking real control can sometimes require some equally commanding accessories. Whether you’re playing League of Legends or even casino game entertainment at Royal Vegas you will want to have the edge by opting for one of these amazing keyboards.



The keyboard is an incredibly important accessory for your gaming PC but when you’re piecing together the perfect PC for your gaming lair but when you’re picking out impressive hardware it can leave you a little short in the funds department for any special add-ons. Thankfully the Razer Anansi is a particularly cost-effective choice and is great for MMO gamers thanks to its myriad of additional keys and the ability to assigning actions to the function keys as well as the programmable macro keys.



If you’re struggling for space setting up your new gaming man-cave you may want to consider investing in a much more discreet keyboard. The same can also be said for portability especially if you are looking to pack it all up and take your PC with you. Well the Cooler Master CM Storm Quickfire is the perfect option for such purposes as it is supremely small and by some margin when compared to other contemporaries in its field. It’s removed the fairly superfluous buttons to achieve this but this condensed board can take some getting used to.



The Apex M800 is the new keyboard kid on the block and it’s certainly made its mark quickly in the gaming keyboard market. With its ergonomically lowered angle and its special key layout it does give your wrists and your busy fingers some extra comfort especially when you’re getting in a long gaming session and they’re working overtime. It helps quicken your reaction time and helps you take much better control over your gaming action. It also comes complete with a number of special customisable game lighting schemes. The M800 has many features that will help improve many elements of your gaming experience.


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