The Must Have Gaming Gadgets


It’s becoming easier and easier to play video games in a wide variety of ways. Arcades have disappeared and consoles became king, but thing are moving on from there. There are plenty of ways to play video games without owning a console and have a great time. If you’re wondering what to buy for a the best gaming experience, read on for some suggestions of the best gadgets.

A gaming PC can easily surpass a console. Being able to get a customised device especially made for gaming allows you the opportunity to get exactly what you want from your games. Many gaming PCs outperform consoles in power, memory, graphics and more. PCs have a huge range of games to access, from what you can buy on Steam, gaming outlets, the Microsoft store or what a small team of developer makes independently available. The ability to customise your options, from the PC itself to your settings gives you the greatest time when gaming and the number of peripherals can enhance this further. A console can be restricted to what peripherals the manufacturer decides but with a PC, the extra gadgets are limitless. Whether you want to improve sound, control, graphics, add special devices such as steering wheels, use gaming chairs of whatever, it’s all available for a gaming PC, all of which will maximise your entertainment.

Smart phones are something we all have and take from granted. We will use them everyday to make calls, send texts, check email, browse the web, set dates and appointments, take and views pictures, watch videos and more. What they can also do, is be a fantastic way to game. As phones have got more advanced, the variety and complexity of games they can run has increased significantly. Now a top of the range phone, such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the Nexus 6P, are perfect for playing video games. You can play games made especially for your phone or access classic console and arcade releases. You can experience the Final Fantasy series the first nine instalments playable on your phone, craft with Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition, explore, capture and train with Pokémon Go, build with The Simpsons Tapped Out, pay attention to win big with the wide range of casino games offered on the Betway app, train heroes with Marvel Avengers Academy and much more, all making your phone the gadget to have for gaming.

VR is on the rise and could be the next evolution in gaming. While virtual reality isn’t a new concept, technology has finally reached the stage where it can become the real deal. With Oculus and Playstation VR being the main contenders and with extensive support promised for both, they could be the must have gaming gadget. They prices tag can be steep but they offer an experience like no other. The ability to immerse yourself into a game and have full control has come a long way, making these games accessible and playable. Whether you want to go on an adventure, create 3D artwork, visit somewhere you’ve never been to or could never go, meet crazy characters or whatever, VR is what you need.

If want the ultimate game of Overwatch or CounterStrike, play Betway casino games wherever you go or experience a full Final Fantasy quest on wherever you are, or you want to become the newest member of the Enterprise, then these are the gaming gadgets for you.

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