Nintendo Teams Up With VC Fund to Find New Tech for Switch


Now excited were you to play the Game Boy when you were young? We know that a lot – most of us have grown up playing our favourite games on Nintendo devices, whether it be handheld or consoles. You are sure to have played Super Mario at one point of time or the other.

The problem with Nintendo though was that they had a different definition of gaming than others, and their graphics were just not up to par when you compared it to say PC gaming or Xbox. Now, all that might just seem to change as Nintendo unleashes their next major offering after quite a while – the Switch.

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Can the Switch be a Game Changer?

Recently, Bloomberg reported that Japanese company Nintendo is looking for partners to release new accessories for its famous Switch console.

But at the same time, the company shows no desire to invest in them. According to the source, the company Nintendo joins forces with the venture company Scrum Ventures in an attempt to find start-ups and young teams who would like to create new accessories for the Switch.

The New VC Fund and What it Means

Many gaming experts were extremely sceptical of the unusual hybrid game console Nintendo Switch, just as it came out in 2016. It looked like a reminiscent tablet with detachable controllers, which was something that caused many questions.

Besides, it was not able to compete with the powerful PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in terms of hardware. However, in a short period from March to December 2017, it sold more than 10 million boxes around the world, making many experts shocked.

How does Switch Stock Up?

Switch is now the most popular console on the market, those who want to bite off this piece of cake really know what they want. Nintendo Switch is the world’s first hybrid game console capable of working in two modes – stationary and portable ones.

At home, you put it in a special docking station connected to the TV, and on a trip or during a walk, you can take with you only the tablet part of the console. Removable gamepad allows two users to play on one console at the same time, and innovative tactile HD-rumble technology radically changes the perception of the gameplay.

How Easily Can You Get its Accessories?

Given that the Switch console is half portable, accessories for it can be sold quite well. Nintendo itself, apparently, does not want to allocate separate forces for the development and production of such products. However, such an open search for new partners is not characteristic for Nintendo.

It is reported that Scrum Ventures will represent the interests of Nintendo, explaining to young companies what is required of them. At the same time, neither Scrum Ventures nor Nintendo is supposed to invest in manufacturers of accessories.

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