Noteworthy Advantages of Using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 


When any vital data is mistakenly deleted from a computer, the user may initially try to recover it from the Recycle Bin. However, the files may be deleted even from the Recycle Bin during cleaning procedure of the computer hard disk, leaving the user in a devastated state. In this situation, hard drive recovery is the only option that can be done by EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. It is a software program that can recover all the lost data from the computer hardware, with both free and paid versions for Windows and Mac users.


Primary reasons for installing EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 

  • Though there are three paid versions of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard software; one can install EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free without paying anything at all. This free program is available with most of the beneficial features that are offered with the paid programs.
  • The installation of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is absolutely secure and it is very simple to install this software in any computer or mobile device. It is compatible with all operating systems; namely Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Thus, one can follow a few easy steps for installing it on his/her device.
  • This software has an impressive interface that is instantly liked by all users. It is expertly designed with all the essential features that are needed for hard drive recovery. One can use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for recovering all types of documents, graphics, audio, video, Emails and various other kinds of files.
  • The free version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is also capable of recovering data from the USB drives, memory cards of mobiles and other storage devices; apart from the hard drive of a computer. So this software is helpful to lots of people in restoring their deleted data that are valuable for their personal, academic or professional lives.
  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is capable of recovering the files that are lost in different situations. It can recover the files that are lost accidentally or due to a virus attack on the computer hard drive. When a virus makes the computing system non-operational, this software recovers all the data safely without any infection.
  • It is generally believed that the formatting of a computer or mobile can result in the loss of many important files, which can be easily retrieved by the application of this recovery program. If the partition on the hard drive goes missing and cannot be detected by the operating system, this software still recovers all the data stored there.
  • When the operating system crashes all of a sudden, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard provides a special media that can be downloaded for starting the computer safely. Thus, the recovery of lost data becomes easier with this program even in this crucial condition of the device.

The modern technology has made EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free very compatible for retrieval of all lost data. This software scans the entire device and acts very speedily while recovering the required deleted files.

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