The Tech Developments We’re Most Exicited For In 2017


Every year new year, exciting tech hits the market, and 2017 will be no different. But what tech are we most looking forward to and how will it change the world as we know it. Okay, not the world but select industries and certain sections of society. Let’s start off by thinking about the new improvements that will be released for the gamers across the world.

Advancements In Gaming 2017

In 2017 we’ll see the introduction of the Nintendo Switch and then sometime in the fourth quarter, Project Scorpio. Microsoft’s rumored follow-up to the Xbox One will be released next year with a processor ten times more powerful than it’s predecessor. Meanwhile, specific specs on the Switch haven’t been released, but it’s an exciting concept all the same. Effortlessly switching between a full console and a portable system is something that gamers have always hoped for. But where does Sony fit into this equation? Well, as the PS4 Pro was just released we wouldn’t expect any other announcements from them on a new console until 2018. Although, Sony have surprised us in the past.

More interestingly is VR. VR technology took off this year, but there have certainly been some speed bumps along the way. PSVR while impressive was also considerably limited. Most of the games released were basically demonstrations that lasted less than an hour. Not what you’d expect after paying for a piece of hardware that with all the bits included cost five hundred dollars.

It will be interesting to see whether Sony release an upgrade or are beaten by the Oculus Rift.

Apple, Music, And Magic

Apple decided it was time to bring people closer to the future with wireless headphones that sold out in minutes this month. You can definitely expect other developers to follow suit. If you’re interested in this tech, you can learn the facts surrounding it online. We’re interested to see whether it catches on and what it could mean going forward. Hopefully, it means fewer wires in all forms of tech. After all, the PSVR had about fifty wires connected to it. Goodness knows that could have used some wireless tech.

In The Cinema On The Screen

4K, 8K, and 3D are already available on certain screens across the country. Though if you want to watch a film in 8K, you will need to head to an Imax theater. That said, we do wonder what tech will be brought in next to improve the cinematic experience. There are a few possibilities. The triple screens showcased this year in LA could gain some traction on the market with the right investment. 4D screens could become more widespread. This experience includes seats that shake, immersive smells, and atmospheric changes. But if we had to put money on it, we’d suggest the next step will be glasses free 3D. We say this because James Cameron is pushing for it. The last time this happened, the highest grossing film of all time was revealed. We can’t wait to see if history repeats.

Are you excited for these tech developments in 2017? Or, is your dream tech still far beyond the foreseeable horizon?

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