These Tech Hacks Make It Way Easier To Keep Up In College


It’s no surprise that it’s easier to deal with those seriously crowded school schedules with the help of the computer. But the truth is that the right use of tech can actually be a lot more useful than people give it credit for. From helping you get all the technical detail on any device to improving how you work together with your classmates, these are some tips that are seriously going to make college a great deal easier.


A little teamwork in the lecture hall


Anyone who has been in college has had this experience. You’re trying to pay attention and absorb the full impact of the lesson, but the amount of time you spent with your eyes on a monitor taking notes turns your brain into something of a sieve. It’s not an efficient way to learn if you have to learn it brand new straight after the lecture. Ingenious students have come up with a way of taking turns to take and edit notes on Google Docs as detailed at Not only can they help one another point out mistakes, but it means they spend a lot more time actually paying attention to what’s going on. Immediately, that’s going to free up a lot of time post-lecture.

Stay technical

When you’re doing homework or writing a piece of coursework, the amount of time you have to spend on fitting in the odds and ends can drive you up the wall. Especially if you’re in fields such as mathematics or the sciences. You have a few options. You can search and find places to copy them from one at a time. You can memorize or write down the Unicode options to type them out painstakingly. Or you can use one website, like, that has them all ready to be copied and pasted as you need them. There are a lot of tools like this that can help you format your work exactly as you need. From symbols and equations to automating your references.

Smarter planning


If you really want to use your time well in college, you’re going to have to get used to really thinking about it. Too often has the approach of ‘winging it’ resulted in missed deadlines and stressful nights before them. Especially when you involve group projects. It’s a lot easier to both manage your own workload and how group projects are tackled by using the same kind of software you would use for project management in later life. Make no mistake, the skills you use to achieve your results in education are going to be some of the most useful things you take away from it. Make your yearly workload easier to deal with and learn some time management while you’re at it.

It’s undoubtedly still going to be a lot of work, but don’t underestimate how the smart use of technology can cut down all the effort that goes into your education. Hopefully, these points make your journey through college a little easier and a little less demanding on you.

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