Is Technology Central To Your Marketing Strategy?


Marketing technology is a fast-growing sector, and every year that passes brings new and innovative ideas and products that are changing the landscape. There are some incredible technologies out there being embraced by marketers of all kinds, and if you are yet to get involved, there is no doubt you are missing out. In today’s guide, we’re going to give you some examples of the amazing tech you can use in your company’s marketing mix.


Geolocation apps

If you want to attract the attention of people in your business’s vicinity, consider the impact something like geolocation apps could bring to your company. It works something like this – you create an app which your customer’s download. When they head to the town centre, your system can tell when they enter an area within a set radius from your business. It then sends them a message to tell them to pop by your store, offering them a discount or deal that is tailored precisely to their buying patterns. The customer enjoys the discount, and your business enjoys the extra footfall and spending – which you may not have had without the geolocation app.

Wearable tech

Wearable technology is still very much in its nascent phase at the moment, but there are plenty of cutting-edge marketers exploring the concept. In essence, wearable tech gives marketers access to a whole host of data that they may not be party to otherwise. Consider sports and fitness watches as an example. All the data they collect about a person’s health statistics could be used to create personalised animated movies for users – just like Nike did for their ‘Our Year’ campaign. There are some privacy concerns to contend with, of course, but there is still plenty to watch out for in wearable tech sector for marketers.


In days gone by, creating high-quality videos was the preserve of major corporations and big spending marketing agencies – no one else could afford it. These days, however, you can shoot a high quality, HD video with just a smartphone, a little lighting, and a noise-cancelling microphone. Marketers, these days, are using everything from live streaming broadcasting to free platforms like YouTube to create compelling video content and access a wider market. When you consider the marketing power of YouTubers – who can rake in millions from revenue with little investment – it’s easy to see why video will be a key player in marketing for many years to come.


Drones are here to stay – and they will have an enormous impact on the marketing mix. They are a super cheap way of getting amazing shots for advertisements – sweeping panoramas, for example, are ideal for estate agents who want to show off a home’s location in a way that they couldn’t a decade or so ago. Back in those days, the cost of hiring a video company and a helicopter crew to get those same shots would have been extortionate. Now, however, a few hundred pounds spent on a drone and a camera strapped to it is all you need for the same, impactful adverts.

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