Car Technology You Will Be Using In The Near Future


With automobile technology constantly progressing, it’s unsurprising to see so many new gadgets reaching the consumer market each year. Whether you’re looking for accessories that help with safety, fuel efficiency, or even entertainment, you certainly won’t be disappointed by this years latest advancements.

So what does the future hold? Well, to be honest, nobody knows for sure, but based upon the most recent gadgets and those currently being tested, we have a reasonable idea about the types of new technology most likely to make it into production within the next few years.

Have a quick read through this article and see if anything catches your eye.

Self Driving Cars

We’ve all seen those episodes of Top Gear where vehicle manufacturers let Jeremy Clarkson lose on their self driving prototypes, but in reality, the technology is far more advanced than BBC Two claims. In California, Google engineers have already successfully tested their prototypes over distances of over 200,000 miles, so that should give you some indication about their plausibility. Also, Google managed to utilise technology that allows the vehicles to identify road markings, traffic, and even unpredictable movements by pedestrians, so it certainly looks like self driving cars aren’t that much of a dream anymore.

Car Airbags

If you’ve just bought a new car from a reputable dealers homepage, it probably has both driver, and passenger airbags installed as standard. However, can you imagine what it would be like if the car had airbags on the outside? Well, this looks to be a reality for some manufacturers.

Obviously, models with the ability to inflate airbag cushions in the event of an impending crash will be considerably safer than their predecessors. Also, this would mean that repair costs would be considerably reduced.

Energy Storing Body Panels

With hybrid engines becoming more and more popular of late, new groundbreaking technology that allows drivers to store energy within the panels of their vehicle is sure to be just as sought after. Experts predict that, by 2040, more than half of all cars on production lines will be hybrids, so the need to have a means of effectively storing power is essential, and that’s why this technology has come about.

Augmented Reality Windscreens

Nowadays most cars have digital displays and GPS tracking systems, but in the future we’ll see this taken one step further with the release of augmented reality windscreens. So instead of your sat nav telling you where the nearest hotel is, your windscreen will do this job, and a whole host of others for you.

Also, we expect this technology to work much like Google Glass, so you should find interesting facts and information about the places you’re traveling through, popping up on your windscreen. How exciting!

So there you have it my petrol headed friends. A quick and simple guide to some of the coolest gadgets and technology that will soon be available to you. Hopefully you’ve found this article interesting and now have a better insight into what you can expect to see on UK roads next.

Peace out!

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